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A Guide to the Best Memory Foam Mattress Review in 2017

Best Memory Foam Mattress Reviews – Complete Guide for 2019

If you are looking for the best memory foam mattress you have come to the right place as we have a wide range of memory foam mattress reviews to help you decide on the mattress that is the best fit for your needs.

There are claims that a good memory foam mattress not only supports your emotional health, but hits certain triggers on the physical health as well. A bad mattress even has the ability to sap you of energy while you sleep, which leads to restlessness and disturbing your partner. If you as a customer wake up rubbing your neck complaining about having a bad sleep, chances are you should change that thought and tell yourself you have a bad mattress. Now with that in mind mattresses are usually quite expensive, but well worth their costs once you get down to the health benefits they can give.

Wouldn’t it be nice to sleep on a 5 star hotel quality mattress every night? That’s possible, and it all starts by choosing the right memory foam mattress for your home.

Top Memory Foam Mattress Comparison


  • DynastyMattress Cool Breeze
  • Brand: DynastyMattress
  • Size: King
  • Weight: 124 pounds
  • Warranty: 30 years Limited
  • LUCID 14 Inch Plush
  • Brand: Lucid®
  • Size: Queen
  • Weight: 99 pounds
  • Warranty: 25-year warranty
  • DreamFoam Mattress Ultimate
  • Brand: DreamFoam Mattress
  • Size: Queen
  • Weight: 107 pounds
  • Warranty: 20 Year Warranty

DynastyMattress New Cool Breeze 12-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

With a 30 year limited warranty there is little not to love about the DynastyMattress New Cool Breeze 12-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress that retails at a high price. It also comes with a trial period, so most users will find out if this is the mattress for them within the first month. That’s an extensive try out period for even a top brand, so this is one that you don’t want to miss. Buyers will get 3 inches of gel foam that is optimized to keep them cool and relaxed throughout the night. The technology used for the gel foam is called Sleep Cool, and it definitely lives up to its name. Of the 4 extravagant layers buyers will get dual 2 inch foams that are optimized for airflow and a base 5 inch foam that holds everything in place, keeping it firm but manageable. The entire set is CertiPUR certified, so it’s safe for all family members to use. With 4 layers of high quality foam, including a thick gel foam for the topper, then this is as close to the top quality that you can get without breaking the bank.

Covering the entire mattress is a white cover with brown suede on the corners that is completely washable and easy to zip up. The cover also functions as a high class fire barrier, so for early adopters that are afraid of foam that is a fire hazard then this should put their minds at ease. The only downside to the entire set is that pillows are not included, which isn’t a big thing, but for people who specifically search for this item and see the set it can be a bit of a letdown. Finding something similar to fit the look and feel shouldn’t be too hard, and is just an extra step that a buyer has to take to complete their bed set. The gel used for this memory foam mattress is the infamous gel beads, capable of changing from solid to liquid on contact in order to contour better for the person on each specific side. Dimensions are 80x76x12 and it weighs a hefty 118 pounds, so be wary if only one person will be handling this. It’s nice to see a situation where quality and price match, as this gel foam mattress should be great for anyone looking for a complete solution.

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LUCID 14 Inch Plush Memory Foam Mattress

Keeping with the high priced mattresses, the LUCID 14 Inch Plush Memory Foam Mattress is one of the highest ones on the list, and also one of the most feature rich. This queen size 14 inch mattress comes topped with a 1 inch quilted bamboo charcoal memory foam top. This is one of the most luxurious tops on the list, with a unique infusion that not only keeps out bad smells but also retains less heat. The other 3 layers include a 3 inch memory foam comfort layer, 2 inch memory foam support layer and 8 inch high density foam base. It is 4 layers of high priced materials without any corners cut to save costs, and is a very high and in demand set. Users that have sensitive skin and are hypoallergenic should look strongly at this purchase, as the materials are very friendly to them in this case. It’s almost as if they combined the natural benefits of latex foam with the comfort benefits of memory foam. The mattress is CertiPUR certified, with a rock solid 25 year warranty in case something goes wrong at the tail end of the product life.

Even though it is shipped in convenient packaging so it’s easier to handle, this 99 pound mattress should probably be handled by two people. The dimensions are 80x60x14 and the entire mattress was made using open cell technology for better breathability with the materials. Allergens and dust mites won’t be a problem as the materials are naturally resistant. For indoor quality there are no PBDEs, mercury, formaldehyde, CFCs, ozone depletes or prohibited phthalates. The mattress cover is also of high standards and really compliments the overall package. LUCID is a pretty well-known company in the industry, and if buyers decide to settle on this product then they may be interested in optional accessories from the same line. They offer a foldable bed base so that you can use it without a box spring, setting up your bed quickly and easily without any type of hassle. There is also a mattress encasement protector so that you are fully guarded against dust mites, bed bugs, spills and fluids. Certain instances of misuse can void the 25 year warranty, so sometimes this is a great purchase along with the mattress. These are all optional purchases that can be combined with one of the best products on the list, which really stands out above its peers.

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DreamFoam Mattress Ultimate Dreams 13-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The DreamFoam Mattress Ultimate Dreams 13-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress is a high priced queen sized offering that is one of the most well reviewed on the list. About 3 inches of the complete 13 inches is comprised of gel memory foam, a modern take on the traditional memory foam market. That 3 inches is 4 pounds, so the density is around medium average for a nice balanced soft vs firm feel. The other two layers are 2 inches of 5 pound memory foam, and an 8 inch base of premium base foam. As a comparison to Cloud Luxe, one of the premiere makers on the market, this is very much a great addition to anyone looking not to spend Cloud Luxe money but to get similar quality. This is about as close as consumers will get without spending more money for the bigger name brands on the list and in the market. All of their mattresses are compressed for convenient shipping, but only for a short amount of time. This reduces the amount of off gassing compared to other products that are compressed for months waiting to be shipping.

This is also a CentiPUR certified product that carries a strong 20 year warranty to get consumers through 2 decades of wonderful and peaceful sleep. Using gel infused memory foam means that sleepers will be cool during the night and wake up refreshed and relaxed due to the supreme materials of the bed. Optimal body temperatures are maintained so that the environments surrounding the sleeper is the least of their worries while sleeping. Weight of the mattress is 105 pounds and the dimensions are 80x60x13 so should be handled by at least two people if possible. For side sleepers this is a great mattress to have since it is soft enough to keep your arm from falling asleep. You’ll also notice a much better overall experience when just relaxing in bed, especially if you’re coming from a spring coil mattress. Consumers won’t be as lucky to find many gel memory foam mattresses of this caliber at such a great price, especially considering that it is comparable to brands twice the price. There really aren’t any cons to mention about the product, and from top to bottom it can be considered a worthwhile purchase, especially if you want something that is top of its class.

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  • Sleep Innovations Shiloh
  • Brand: Sleep Innovations
  • Size: Queen
  • Weight: 93.9 pounds
  • Warranty: 20-year limited
  • Perfect Cloud Atlas Gel-Plus
  • Brand: Perfect Cloud
  • Size: Twin
  • Weight: 46.3 pounds
  • Warranty: 25 Year Warranty
  • Classic Brands Cool Gel
  • Brand: Classic Brands
  • Size: Queen
  • Weight: 92 pounds
  • Warranty: 25 year warranty
  • DynastyMattress- Queen Deluxe
  • Brand: DynastyMattress
  • Size: Queen
  • Weight: 71 pounds
  • Warranty: 20 year warranty

Sleep Innovations 12-Inch SureTemp Memory Foam Mattress 20-Year Warranty

Let’s move on to this mid-priced offering by Sleep Innovations that features a 2 layer 12 inch memory foam mattress. This is a good starting point for someone that is purchasing their first memory foam mattress and wants premium features without breaking the bank. The foam is comprised of SureTemp open cell technology, meaning that it traps less heat than the previous generation of memory foams. Mattress breathability is at a higher level, and as a result users get a better sleeping experience. The comfort later is 2.5 inches of a SureTemp 3 pound density memory foam with a 9.5 base layer of support foam. No springs here to worry about, and you get excellent memory foam coverage from top to bottom. All of the benefits of memory foam are present in this product with no motion transfer when you move in the bed, you’ll be so comfortable that you turn a lot less, and spine support is at its maximum while still contouring to your body. You get the best of both worlds with a one of a kind softness, yet firmness that supports the most vital points on the body. The mattress cover is made of poly cotton and feels as good as it looks, without detracting away from the mattress. Simply spot cleaning the cover will do in most instances if you avoid any major spills or dirt.

Even though it is vacuum packed for shipping, buyers shouldn’t let the compact size fool them as this thing weighs a good 95 pounds total. There will be a lot of struggle if this is going up a flight of stairs in a busy apartment building. Dimensions for a queen size are pretty standard, with it being 80 inches long, 60 inches wide and of course 12 inches high. With a 20 year warranty from Sleep Innovations to keep it safe, a lot of users will feel comfortable in taking the plunge to purchase this as their first mattress based on our list of memory foam mattress reviews. Everything that is important in a memory foam mattress seems to be done right with this model, even down to the response time that the mattress retains its original position. The mattress is resistant to dust mites and antimicrobial solutions, and considering that it is 12 inches of quality memory foam, for buyers that want a floor only solution then this would be the way to go. This is nice for the first product on the list and will fit the bill for many in the market for a quality memory foam.

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Perfect Cloud Atlas Gel-Plus 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress (Twin Size)

Where the mattress differs from others is at the 3rd layer, a 4 inch double air flow HD base support foam that supports the other layers with regulated temperatures. Not only will buyers feel cool when sleeping but it will come with a weightless experience, meaning it will be like sleeping on a cloud. If the stretch knit cover is uncomfortable, then you can easily remove it and replace it with one of your own liking. The cover is actually quite nice and may look better than it feels with the mocha ultra-suede siding and soft to the touch feel. Using a contemporary look it goes well with most bed frames and bedroom setups, and makes for easy cleaning rather than having to spot check. Upping from the 20 year warranty of the first item, Perfect Cloud offers a 25 year warranty on this product with a 100% satisfaction guarantee behind it. It’s a completely risk free purchase that will be welcome in any home looking for a compatible memory foam mattress with gel infused. Since it is CentiPUR certified then it is made with no ozone depletes, PBDE flame retardants, mercury, lead, formaldehyde, and it is also low on VOC. This beats the first mattress on the list in comfort, reliability, and even price.

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Classic Brands Cool Gel 12 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Setting in at around the midrange in the price arena is the Classic Brands Cool Gel 12 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress, a good traditional twist on the new gel memory foam market. This 4 layer masterpiece has the typical cool gel memory foam top, a dual gel-support foam for airways and mattress breathing and an HD base foam layer to support everything. Heat will be drawn away from the body rather than collected like in older memory foam models, and users will get a nice cool night of sleep. The materials used are soft to the touch and quick to bounce back up to their original position once the weight is off of an area. The cover used is a stretch knit with waterfall edge that is made specifically to enhance the beds properties further rather than hinder it. A lot of the covers on some memory foam products actually cheapen some of the better features of the same high quality product they are covering. Like most products of this type it will shipped compressed for easy set up. Please allow up to 48 hours after unpacking for it to get its full original shape.

This is another CertiPUR certified foam mattress, which is free of any harmful materials to yourself and your family. Consumers will enjoy a nice long 25 year warranty on the product, and if taken care of properly, will most likely not even need to call it in. This is one of the most ventilated mattresses you can get without it being overly soft, as it retains its plush feel. It’s still a big one at 92 pounds with dimensions of 80x60x12, so make sure to have a helper handy for unpacking. As with all memory foam mattress, the problem with sagging is all but eliminated with the root product which should save on returns and customer dissatisfaction. The setup isn’t gel beads, but actual gel infused memory foam for customers that were wondering which type. Regardless it is still antimicrobial and resists mold, bacteria, allergens and dust mites. Users that prefer a softer mattress will most likely be disappointed, as this was made for users that prefer more of a firm feel when sleeping. Also when using fitted sheets make sure they are the deep pocket type, or else there may be issues with getting it to stay on. This is a great buy and well worth the money, once of many great choices on the list.

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DynastyMattress- Queen Deluxe 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress

Going back down to the mid-price range is the DynastyMattress- Queen Deluxe 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress, a queen size that does its job to give you the best for your money. Unique to this memory foam mattress is the inclusion of 2 memory foam pillows that match the mattress cover and are easily valued at over 60 dollars together. The sizes of each are 19×25, and they’re ample enough in coverage to be comfortable for just about anyone in the market. It’s a really nice value and goes great with the comforts of the memory foam mattress. Included with the regular memory foam technology is the cool airflow system so that the mattress doesn’t collect all of your body heat and turn it into a sauna. This is an alternative to a lot of the other technologies listed, even the gel cooling technology. Get a comfortable and light sleep based on this, and not worry about waking up in the middle of the night in a pool of your own sweat. The memory foam mattress is anti-allergy and anti-mite in its construction, and through the use of HD100 percent visco-elastic memory foam.

Only the high quality materials were used to complete the construction, and consumers will notice the difference the moment they lay on the surface. Using the white fabric cover and also removing it is easier since it has a 4 way zipper to aid in removal. The cover itself has a velour feel although the materials are different, and it will retain that feeling since it is easy to remove and wash. CertiPUR certified with a 20 year warranty, users can try out the mattress for 120 days to see if it is the right fit for them. This is a good enough period to make a final decision, and will fit most user’s timespan if they need to return it for a better mattress. If comparing this to a Tempur-Pedic brand, it should be equal to their DeluxeBed in terms of features and how it feels. Other brands when rolled or compressed take up to 48 hours to reach its full form, while this brand only takes 1-2 hours to complete the transition. At only 70 pounds and with dimensions of 80x60x10, it can be handled by one person if needed. It’s a good choice if you as a consumer want to try memory foam mattresses for the first time, but keep in mind this should be considered more of a starter set, with the inclusion of the memory foam pillows there to sweeten the deal.

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  • Brentwood Home 11-Inch Gel
  • Brand: Brentwood Home
  • Size: Queen
  • Weight: 50 pounds
  • Warranty: 25-year warranty
  • Signature Sleep 13" Independently
  • Brand: Signature Sleep
  • Size: Queen
  • Weight: 93.1 pounds
  • Warranty: Not Specified
  • Signature Sleep 12-Inch
  • Brand: Signature Sleep
  • Size: Queen
  • Weight: 68.2 pounds
  • Warranty: Not Specified

Brentwood Home 11-Inch Gel HD Memory Foam Mattress

Another gel infused memory foam mattress is the Brentwood Home 11-Inch Gel HD Memory Foam Mattress, a medium price ranged option in the queen size. It has a host of premium features that are mostly to do with its comforting gel properties. The 11 inch thick mattress has a 2.5 inch gel infused HD memory foam comfort layer, 6.5 inch support base and 2 inch ventilated cool airflow layer. All of the comforts of the product can be felt within those 4.5 inches in the first two layers.  Mattress dimensions for the queen would be 60x80x11 and inside are millions of gel particles combined with the memory foam layers. Open cell technology is also used in aiding the cooling process while consumers are resting and it gives one of the more pleasing feelings when laying into it. For the price this is going to be one of the better gel infused memory foams on the list that isn’t made from cheap materials. The cover is made using natural bamboo fibers, with a feel that will be hit or miss depending on the customer. However it is easy to clean just as any other cover on the market.

Of the natural benefits of this mattress, it is hypoallergenic, anti-microbial and dust mite resistant. That’s less headaches for the consumer the older the mattress gets, and makes it easier to maintain. In a unique twist the mattress is rolled and compressed before shipping, meaning it is infinitely easier to carry and set up in the appropriate room. If something should go wrong, Brentwood Home offers a great 25 year warranty that should cover whatever arises. Seeing as this is only 50 pounds, with the right person this can easily be hauled over the shoulder before it is unpacked, due to the way it is shipped. That is a huge advantage that should be taken into account when comparing what purchase to make from the list. The cover also wicks away moisture due to the natural fibers, which is good in a situation where the user is a profuse sweater. As per usual with this type of product it is CertiPUR certified, and the cover is removal and completely washable. For users of the RestEasy full assembled box foundation, this will fit in quite perfectly. There will be a lot of great buys at this price, and this is going to be one of the main ones.

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Signature Sleep 13″ Independently Encased Coil Mattress

This is actually a coil mattress, one of the few on the list because it is ranked so highly in the industry. The Signature Sleep 13″ Independently Encased Coil Mattress is a medium priced mattress in the queen size that comes with a pillowtop. The pillowtop is a nice touch and is indeed comfortable, but that is not where this product shines. Rather than have regular coils as they are, this mattress has 744 independently encased coils to give users who aren’t too keen on foam mattresses as close to the comfort that those users get as possible. What this means is that you will get the benefits of the mattress contouring to your body, of not disturbing your partner through motion transfer, and as an added benefit you’ll also not have to deal with some of the heat retention problems of memory foam products. Like the last product on the list it comes compressed and rolled, but does top out the scale at 93 pounds due to the construction. For consumers with back issues they can rest safely since the individual coils have 13.5 gauge providing firm back support. This is a soft mattress, but it retains the firmness that keeps it comfortable over long sleep sessions.

There aren’t too many 13 inch mattresses with such firmness sitting on top of a 1.6 inch pillowtop. Even with the pillowtop made of foam, it should be noted that it is a completely different experience than having a dedicated memory foam mattress with a 2+ inch top and 2 alternate layers. The difference is going to be felt immediately in what is either going to be a love it or hate it moment. For users of traditional coil mattresses this would be one of the better introductions to memory foam, even if it isn’t quite memory foam. Dimensions of the queen is 80x60x13 inches and it comes with a plush rayon quilted cover. The quilted cover is really nice and adds to the overall quality of the product, especially with them having so many different models available. Density is about 1.38, so on the lower end for those looking for something firmer. With the coils included in this mattress it stands out like a sore thumb on the list, but it has some immediate benefits that users that aren’t quite ready for memory foam would love. This could be the product that turns them onto a full memory foam mattress, or rather the one that turns them away.

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Signature Sleep 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress

This queen sized mattress is a glorious 12 inch mid-priced memory foam with a lot of great features among the crowd. It meets standard 16 CFR 1633, a major flammability standard, so if you’re putting this in a home where there are concerns then this will ease them. Also works well in kid’s rooms, guest rooms and master bedrooms in terms of safety. The health benefits from such soft and firm memory foam is amazing, and users will be amazed with how well it handles joint and arthritis pain from bad sleeping habits. You’ll get 4 pounds of ILD 9 firmness that’ll be more than sufficient for most user’s needs. It’s also available with 6 or 8 inch thickness, so if 12 is not hitting the mark there are multiple options that will fit the bill. It has a very basic knit fabric cover, which isn’t a bad thing at all and works remarkably well in conjunction with the mattress. Like many on the list it comes compressed and vacuum sealed, and only weighs a slight 68 pounds. This is another on the list that can be handled by a single strong person, another advantage to look out for. Some of the better features of the set are the double layers which provide better support than single layers.

Consumers will get optimal rest with this feature and not feel like they are falling into the mattress, but that the mattress is adequately supporting them. Less pressure on the body while sleeping means it will be more naturally rested rather than feeling like it is being pushed against all night. A Signature Sleep makes a great alternative buy for someone wanting to try something different. They sell like hotcakes due to their low price but premium quality, so you’ll get a taste but it won’t be too hard on you financially. One of the downers to look out for is that this memory foam mattress has methylene chloride, PBDEs, and formaldehyde materials within it. For consumers with sensitivity issues, they may want to steer clear of this mattress completely. That also goes for someone that wants to make a bulk purchase and isn’t sure whether or not this will be an issue with their family. Other than that little tidbit this is an awesome mattress to own, and it is one of the hottest selling on the market. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money but still want a great memory foam mattress, check this one out.

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  • Brentwood Home 13-Inch Gel
  • Brand: Brentwood Home
  • Size: Queen
  • Weight: 53 pounds
  • Warranty: 25 Year Warranty
  • Resort Sleep Cool Memory
  • Brand: Resort Sleep
  • Size: Queen
  • Weight: 64 pounds
  • Warranty: 20-year Warranty
  • LUCID Gel Memory Foam
  • Brand: Lucid®
  • Size: Queen
  • Weight: 83 pounds
  • Warranty: 25-Year Warranty

Brentwood Home 13-Inch Gel HD Memory Foam Mattress

Nearing the end of the list is the medium priced Brentwood Home 13-Inch Gel HD Memory Foam Mattress that comes in the queen size. The first 3 inches of the 13 inches total is made up of a gel infused HD memory foam comfort layer and is supported by a bottom half of a 7 inch therapeutic support base. The 2 layers in-between is a 1 inch extra comfort layer and 2 inch ventilated airflow layer. So these 4 layers combined give you the best worlds of comfort, breathability and support. Rather than using the typical gel memory foam format they broke it down into millions of gel particles that change according to temperature and the person laying on it. Every person that lays on this mattress will have a different experience, even if they are on the other side of the same bed. Sweat and body moisture are also kept in check due to the cover being made of washable natural bamboo. It has a zipper for easy removal and can be applied just as easily as it came off. For the price this is worth taking a third and fourth look if you’re comparing major features.

Included with the 25 year warranty is the easy to manage shipping of the item, as it is compressed and rolled and ready to go out of the warehouse once you order it. And as one of the lightest on the list at 53 pounds, a single person could carry this without any issues. Dimensions of the mattress are 80x60x13, and the included weight speaks to just how light and fluffy this particular product is. If trying to escape from sore joints or lower back pain, and you’re looking for one of the softest gel foam mattresses on the list, then this will be in your top three. It’s very soft, but keep in mind that softer does not always equal more comfortable for some users. Make sure that a mattress this soft fits your needs totally, and that you as a consumer have a better understanding of soft vs firm when sleeping. The best way to describe this mattresses particular experience is a feel of medium, and cushion and support as high. With the included natural wool warding off odors and also working as a fire barrier, this is a great CertiPUR certified mattress to sink your money into for the long term.

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Queen size 10 Inch Cool Memory Foam Mattress with 20-year Warranty

Second to last on the list is the Queen size 10 Inch Cool Memory Foam Mattress with 20-year Warranty. Buyers will get 10 inches of memory foam with 3 inches dedicated to the top memory foam and the bottom half a 7 inch HD support core. It’s a medium priced option that should actually be on the lower tier in terms of quality and pricing, so if trying to decide between this at the normal price and another on the list, keep in mind that this one is a bit overpriced for what is offered. Buyers will also be treated to memory foam that has open cells so that the mattress can breathe a lot better and not retain as much body heat as older memory foam mattresses. That said it is still dated when compared to the other memory foam types on the list, and should be considered more of an average type at this point. The feel of it is medium firm to firm, so it may be a bit on the hard side for some consumers if they don’t do their homework.

Included with the purchases is a single memory foam pillow that has a value of 40 dollars total, which although a nice addition, sort of confuses things for some consumers. The included pillow actually feels better than the actual mattress, which is a bit disturbing. Once again this isn’t to say that this won’t fit the bill for some people, as everyone has a different mattress firmness that fits them, but if the pillow feels more comforting than the mattress then that can be a problem. Also the DynastyMattress- Queen Deluxe 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress comes with 2 memory foam pillows, both of which match the style and feel of the mattress. This seems like a better solution than offering a single pillow, with a completely different feel than the mattress itself. Materials used are great quality and in no way on the lower end, it just seems like older technology was used, and it doesn’t help that it is on the higher end of the hardness scale. Weight is a nice light 64 pounds with manageable product dimensions of 80x60x10. If the price for this particular memory foam mattress drops a bit, then it will be worth it. But at the current price there are too many better options on the list that will fit the bill more nicely.

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LUCID 12 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Last on the list is the LUCID 12 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress, a medium priced gel memory foam with a lot of high priced features included. This queen sized mattress is comprised of 94% polyester, 5% spandex, .9% cotton and 1% silver fiber. All of these materials come together to make one of the better mattresses on the list to purchase with your money. Of the 12 inches 2 inches is dedicated to a gel infused 4 pound memory foam comfort layer, a 2 inch 3 pound memory foam center and an 8 inch high density foam base. Using the modern gel technology in bead form, the mattress is able to capture and distribute heat evenly throughout itself. As with all gel bead technology it is the best at changing to fit each individual’s temperature that lies on it. The silver-infused cover is not only removable but naturally antimicrobial and hypoallergenic. This may be one of the best covers on the list, just for the way it feels and that it matches the quality of the mattress. Using pin-core technology airflow is increased while the mattress is in use so that not only body temperature is regulated but the mattress and how it conforms to your body.

Enjoy a nice meaty 25 year warranty on the product that is wonderfully backed by the company, leaving you stress free about your purchase for almost 3 decades. The gel memory foam used is a lot more resilient than other products on the market and it should reach its natural shape a lot faster in optimal conditions. In colder weather on the day it is installed, customers may want to leave it in the warm room so it can expand faster for the first time. This is more of a onetime thing because of the way it is packed for shipping. Mattress weight is at 83 pounds with dimensions of 59x12x79, and as such should typically be handled by two people. Actual feel of the mattress is a medium feel, so buyers will get that ‘just right’ feel whenever they lay on it. Of course it is CentiPUR certified and meets the material safety, performance, environmental stewardship and indoor air quality of the organization. As mentioned earlier, LUCID has a line of optional products that will appeal to buyers of their memory foam products. Whether or not they buy these optional products has no bearing on the fact that this is a great deal that shouldn’t be passed up.

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Best Price Mattress 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress

This low priced queen mattress is an interesting addition to the list, and is your standard comfort giving memory foam mattress that contours to the body to give a better experience. There is a bit of a drop off in the type of memory foam from the first two on the list, meaning that the air flow is not as great in these and it would be suitable in situations where body heat is not a concern with getting a good night’s rest. Consumers can still look forward to great sleep from this product as they will still get that floating on a cloud feeling while relieving a lot of stress from the day. The drop off is there in terms of quality with the memory foam, but it should be pointed out that this is still good memory foam. There are 3 layers of foam to the product, starting with the 3 inch top portion infused with charcoal, then the 2 inch super soft portion made for pressure relief, and the bottom 5 inch base that keeps a high density in order to preserve firmness.

It’s an interesting experience if you’ve never had something this stable yet soft, and is advised that you don’t turn away from this just because it is low priced. This product like the last is also CentiPUR certified but only comes with a 10 year warranty. With the invasion of 20-25 year warranties on the list, it is a bit of a letdown that this option only provides 10 years. That amount of time would be more for a spring mattress, so to see a warranty that short on a foam mattress might make some customers question how good the materials are. As far as weight and dimensions for the twin size, it measures 39x75x10 and is 60 pounds, so a lot less of a back breaker than some of the others on the list, while still retaining a solid base. Value seems to be where this mattress was aiming at when it set its price, and although it meets all of the features for a good memory foam, it does lack some premium properties. As one of the lower tier products on the list it’s still an excellent buy, but it would’ve been nice if they added better airflow support for some users that may need it.

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Amerisleep Revere 12″ Natural Memory Foam Mattress

The Amerisleep Revere 12″ Natural Memory Foam Mattress is from the 2014 collection of the much revered product line.  Many of the selections from the 2014 collection are considered better and more comfortable than even their 2015 line. This mattress has a 12 inch profile with a thick and spectacular 3 inch premium 4.5 pound memory foam comfort layer. The rating for the support is on the firm-medium side, so users will get a great balance between firmness and softness. Rather than take the gel route with their memory foam they decided to use a proprietary technology called Bio-Pur, which is an open cell technology that offers maximum breathability and keeps the mattress cool. Long nights spent on a memory foam doesn’t mean it will always turn into an oven, thus giving you the option to have a good night’s rest. The cover is made from a similar fabric that supports natural breathability and can even reduce the moisture on your body through moisture wicking. This is a great benefit to make consumers as comfortable as possibly while they are relaxing in the bed. The Amerisleep Revere is made with natural ingredients in an ecofriendly zero-emissions manufacturing setup, so no worries about harmful chemicals in the making of the product.

The price is on the high side, so buyers can expect that all of these premium features come with a price tag. Because of the high quality of the materials, there are only 2 layers of foam. The bottom layer is a 9 inch 2 pound dense core that provides great support to the overall experience. Dual layers and other layers aren’t needed because the quality of the original materials are so high, so no smoke and mirrors necessary. If looking for the ultimate health benefits of memory foam like relieving aches from years of bad mattresses, then this would probably be the safest choice. It is one of the more premium mattresses on the list, and hits that midway point in terms of softness. This is one of the few ‘just right’ memory foam mattresses on the list that will cater to everyone’s needs. It comes compressed and rolled so is easy to unpack like most of the others on the list, although handling by two people is preferred. This is a top tier mattress at a top tier price, and is one of the best you can get on the list. Quality doesn’t come cheap, but with this purchase you’ll get more than your money’s worth.

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 Memory Foam Buying Guide

 Memory Foam Buying GuideFor buyers who suffer from chronic issues whether with their back or even with muscle tension, using a memory foam will not only aid in sleep, but also throughout the day. With considerably less strain on your joints from a good night sleep on a memory foam mattress, flare ups through the day are less common and you can look forward to a more productive work day. Sleep apnea patients have also shown some improvement when using memory foam mattresses rather than the standard uncomfortable set.

When used in conjunction with doctor recommended materials, a memory foam mattress can work wonders for sleep apnea sufferers. There are numerous health and personal benefits to having the best memory foam mattress available, and these are only just a few. For couples, there is the added benefit of luxury at home, rather than spending hundreds on a hotel stay. In reality, a great memory foam mattress for the home will be even better than what they offer in 5 star hotels, if you choose wisely.

History of Memory Foam

Created in 1966 through a contract with NASA, memory foam was first made in order to improve safety of the pilots aboard spaceships. At this point the foam also developed its temperature properties that made it sensitive to an individual’s body heat, allowing it to transform and accommodate accordingly. The idea of the foam was released to the public in the 1980’s, but was untested in the home market and was still a lot to deal with as a product.

Luckily Fagerdala World Foams decided to put up with the headache long enough to develop Tempur-Pedic Swedish Mattresses in 1991, which caught on like wildfire and completely changed the landscape of the market.

The medical sector found the first major use for it with patients, as lying immobile for long periods of time in a hospital caused for some major discomfort, and in some cases led to gangrene or pressure soars. With the introduction of memory foam mattresses in a medical setting these symptoms were great decreased, and it even relived pain with other symptoms that patients commonly complained about.

After tweaking the product more, it became easier to push it when the price of it fell significantly to make it more marketable.

Memory Foam as a Commercial Product

 Memory Foam Buying GuideSome of the more common uses for memory foam are mattresses, blankets and pillows. One of the major benefits of memory foam back then was that it retained heat, which is why it worked so well to relieve pain in hospital settings. This is a double edged sword for home use, and would often lead to uncomfortable sessions with memory foam products.

A second generation of memory foam introduced an open cell structure, but still didn’t completely give memory foam the facelift it needed. It wasn’t until 2006 when the 3rd generation introduced gel memory foam that the product really began to find its footing again. Besides offering faster spring back times than original memory foam, gel based memory foam also reduces the problem with trapped body heat from the 1st generation and feels softer and more natural than regular memory foam.

Changes from the 1st-3rd generation of memory foam were significant, with the masses already adopting the technology as more comfortable than regular mattresses. With the major problems of the original memory foam being replaced by the new gel memory foam, this was probably their biggest technological boost to date that didn’t involve developing for hospitals.

Many optimizations and improvements have been made to the gel memory foam line, including gel infused beads, which transformed from solid to liquid in order to fit the consumer who was laying on them. The gel beads are the newest technology and work perfectly for all situations, as they are able to transform based on the type of pressure and how much pressure is being applied.

There are still arguments that the gel beads are far from perfect, and that the original gel foam line is still the superior version. Then of course there are people who argue for the original memory foam and all of its heat absorption properties, saying that there is less benefit in using the gel system than the original. Regardless of which side is right, the most advanced version of the memory foam mattress is the gel line, whether it is with or without the beads.

Several optimizations have been added to the gel line to either reduce odor or add enhanced aromatherapy to an already excellent product. It’s amazing what extra properties can be added with the inclusion of aloe vera and even activated charcoal to the gel line. Further enhancing the line is bamboo fiber which when combined with gel memory foam can increase comfort by lessening the amount of moisture on the body. There is a memory foam application for everyone, and the roster continues to get bigger and more modern.

What is Memory Foam?

What is Memory Foam?The main ingredient of memory foam is polyurethane, which has been changed over the years in order to meet market demand. When speaking primarily of memory foam mattresses, the key to them being better than regular mattresses or even foam mattress is how dense they are.

The mattresses comes out heavier and can support more weight, but at the same time it does not lose its softness or elasticity. Buyers should pay close attention to the IFD rating of a memory foam mattress, which is known as indention force deflection rating.

This is a good way to measure firmness in the mattress, and is akin to finding your sleep number on a sleep number bed. Using the IFD rating will allow most consumers to purchase a memory foam mattress online without ever laying on one beforehand.

This is because the IFD rating can pretty much be a rating of how comfortable a mattress is to you, so by knowing this you’ll gain a lot of insight into what to shop for. If sharing a bed a good practice is to take both of your IFD ratings and find something near the middle so that all parties can be satisfied while resting.

Typically all memory foam products return to their original shape quickly after you get off of them, and this has no bearing on how firm it is. So a mattress with a low IFD will return to its original shape in just about the same time as a mattress with a high IFD. To take the wool away from some eyes, memory foam mattresses are not always made of memory foam, especially not the entire mattress.

Typically it isn’t surprising to see a layer no larger than 2 inches as the top part of the mattress, with the bottom being a regular support layer with springs. Each brand and each model is different, and one may feel more comfortable than the other based on the amount of memory foam that’s included.

More memory foam doesn’t always equal out to comfort, so be careful when deciding between the products on this list and using the amount of memory foam as a decider. More memory foam does equal more money, with some of the top of the line items topping out at almost 8 grand. To combat the heat retention rampant in memory foam technology, brands have included gel solutions in their mattresses. So a combination of gel, memory foam and spring in many cases may be just the base starting materials.

Memory Foam vs. The Mattress Industry

Because there are so many alternatives yet memory foam is so widespread, it really is memory foam versus the mattress industry. If you start off by comparing it against the old and true spring mattress, it trounces it without too much trouble. The main thing with spring mattresses is their lack of durability, with a foundation that won’t sustain them in their prime past a couple of years.

There is a hidden market for used mattresses, and the ones that barely move are the spring versions, because they are so horribly kept and have defects. Spring mattresses are old news, and have been that way for years even if consumers continue to purchase them in their default form. Buying a top of the line spring mattress makes no sense when you can buy a good quality memory foam mattress for the same price.

Buyers will also notice that posture support, blood flow and pressure relief are all health benefits not relevant in spring mattresses. If the most competent spring mattress is only going to be the top of the line model, then what about the millions of customers who bought the low to mid-range models? They’re completely out of luck.

On the other hand memory foam mattresses circulate the blood flow and don’t constrict it due to the way they fit to an individual’s body. A good example of this is how spring mattresses tend to push back against all points of your body, whereas a memory foam will hug these same points. While a spring mattress is pushing back against vital points of your body with the same force, a memory foam mattress is almost like a catcher’s mitt that changes to the shape of your body for full support.

A lot of joint pain can be avoided by having a mattress that isn’t fighting you while you sleep. This constant pushback leads up to a 16% loss in support in the 1st year, which is a real turn off if you plan on buying the top of the line spring mattress model. It’s basically losing 33% of its value in 2 years, with a 1 year break in period.

This is all while dealing with the constant movement of your partner on the other side of the bed, as whatever happens on one side of the bed violently shakes the other. Once again this is not a problem with memory foam, as each individual has their own little space on the side of the bed that doesn’t disturb the other. There really is no contest between spring mattresses and memory foam mattresses, so let’s move on.

Latex Foam as a Green Option

Latex foam is an often overlooked green option from those looking for a comfortable mattress that’s not ripe with chemicals that may be harsh on individuals. Some consumers may have an allergic reaction to memory foam materials which makes it impossible to enjoy the benefits. In that case latex foam becomes a viable option, but there are some slight differences when you get down to the core.

Although latex has been around for decades, its following is not nearly as big as memory foam or even spring mattresses. So although the market is there, it doesn’t have the benefits of being as optimized as some of the better materials available. Regardless latex foam is a 100% natural and renewable product, and strangely enough is made from the sap of rubber trees.

This is as close as a consumer will get to the perfect green product when it comes to a mattress. Like memory foam products the prices can vary depending on the quality of the product you want to buy, but where the two differ is that latex foam is not nearly as high for the top of the line when compared to memory foam.

So with the correct shopping a consumer can get a top of the line latex foam mattress for half the price of a top of the line memory foam mattress, which is a huge saving point. And since even good quality memory foam mattresses aren’t 100% memory foam, consumers should take into consideration that they can purchase 100% latex foam mattresses without breaking the bank.

With all of these benefits the reason that latex foam lags so far behind memory foam is because it lacks the contouring features as well as several other modern features of the product. Latex foam doesn’t have the ability to fit an individual’s body, or to even hold that form while they’re resting. So while latex foam is the greener solution, it is not the most comfortable solution. A consumer will ultimately feel more rested on a memory foam solution and will receive the well-known health benefits.

The only time latex foam should be chosen over memory foam is when a hypoallergenic or antifungal mattress option is an absolute priority or if the household is green friendly and wants to continue down that path. Once again memory foam mattresses puts a check mark in the win column and continues its dominance in the industry.

Memory Foam vs The Rest

Foam vs Air Mattresses

This next comparison will probably cause the biggest argument between mattress users, and that would be between memory foam mattresses and air mattresses. Now the first thing people think about with an air mattress is the cheap blow up version that can be deflated and put in the closet for later use.

But actually air mattresses have become a lot more sophisticated than that, and are actually a true rival to the big brands in the memory foam business. Of the largest and most well-known names would be Sleep Number beds, the best and most powerful manufacturer of air mattresses in the industry. A Sleep Number bed completely eliminates the coils that are used in even a lot of memory foams and replaces them with air chambers in order to take advantage of the flexibility.

Use a handheld control users can adjust the firmness of each side of the bed to their liking, with the added benefit that one side of the bed will remain firm regardless of who is on it while the other side will remain soft. These settings stick until they are manually changed by the user. In this regard, memory foam can’t compete, especially in a situation where a customer would prefer the bed be a little firmer than normal.

What About Durability?

Durability is more of a concern, since Sleep Number Mattresses have more moving parts, many of them electronic. Even with one of the best warranties in the industry, more can go wrong with so many moving parts in one system. But as complex and modern a system as the Sleep Number bed is, it still can’t approach the quality of materials that are available with a high priced memory foam mattress from a reputable source.

What this means is that even if you purchase the highest priced model in Sleep Numbers lineup, the materials from it will still only be on par with a midrange memory foam product. This is a bit of a letdown on some fronts, although the materials for Sleep Number are in no way cheap or shoddy. The price for a comparable air mattress is slightly less, but in a head to head matchup if you were having a hard time deciding between an air mattress and a memory foam mattress of the same price, it would be better to go with the memory foam mattress for longevity sake.

So although air mattresses are a direct and formidable competitor with the memory foam business, there are still reasons to prefer a memory foam solution as outlined above. With that said, keep an eye on Sleep Number and their models, which grow impressive by the year.

Foam vs Coil Mattresses

An honorable mention goes out to individually wrapped coil mattresses, which tries to bridge the gap between coil and memory foam. This premium version of the spring coil offers the same contouring benefits of a memory foam but still gives that patented pushback action that many consumers grew up on. In this way it is beneficial if a consumer finds the feeling of a memory foam, no matter the density, to be entirely too soft for their tastes.

If they still want the contouring benefits of the memory foam but don’t want the softness, they can opt to get a wrapped spring coil mattress and enjoy its bi-directional support. You’ll also enjoy the fact that moving will not disturb other areas of the bed for anyone else sleeping on the other side, yet another premium feature for this interesting new twist on spring coils.

So are there any cons to the system? Well yes, in terms of the price vs performance. Individually wrapped coil mattresses that are worth anything can turn out to be expensive if you want to reap their benefits, and because of this it’s hard not to look at the other more modern options on the market that are also a lot more comfortable.

Foam vs Latex

Even in the event where a memory foam mattress is too soft, there is still air mattresses and even latex foam to consider. The drop off after that then comes back down to coil, which is a considerable drop. If there is a massive deal going on with individually wrapped coils that is impossible to pass up then it is worth a look, but more than likely consumers will be disappointed when they realize they could’ve had the other options. In reality the tiers are very close and then there is a drop off back down to coil based mattresses, so why start at the bottom?

The mattress types listed above are all in competition with one another, and all have their strengths and benefits. Memory foam still tops them all in a head to head, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t all in close competition. Air mattresses from Sleep Number are really the closest when it comes to what may stump a consumer in a tight decision, and rightly so. Specific models of Sleep Numbers even include gel solutions on the top layer of their mattresses in a way to compete direction with the rising popularity of memory foam. Time will tell which manufacturer will win the battle, and which material will be the better solution.

Health Benefits of Memory Foam

There are many health benefits that have been discovered from owning and primarily sleeping on a memory foam mattress, many which carry over from your sleep to your daily activities. Memory foam automatically adjusts itself without user intervention based on weight, body temperature, and other conditions.

So for users that have developed such bad sleeping habits that they’ve become insomniacs, this becomes a very valuable tool in order to fight the lack of sleep. As the consumer moves around during the night, even as the temperature rises, rather than becoming more uncomfortable, the memory foam adapts to this change so that the sleeper doesn’t wake up in a pool of his own sweat, groggy and looking to change the temperature in the house. In the situation where the users loses a lot of weight, the mattress will accommodate this weight change and adjust accordingly.

Moving around a lot in bed is a lot less frequent since that is triggered by being uncomfortable, and therefore a fuller night’s sleep is gained so that the user wakes up refreshed. The effects of good sleep shouldn’t be underestimated, as the body degrades quickly when it doesn’t get the necessary amount of sleep each day. Imagine what a week of bad sleep can do to a person mentally and physically, and you’ll have a good idea of why it’s so important to get good sleep.

Chronic Pains

Memory Foam Health BenefitsUsers with chronic pains and aches will notice that with enough time spent on the memory foam these aches will start to lessen, because the body is more relaxed throughout the day. This recovery is possible due to the science discussed above with body temperature and how the memory foam adjusts. Pain points in a body are higher than the average parts, meaning that the memory foam will acknowledge these points of distress and mold itself to the body accordingly.

This is why even individual spring coils can’t best memory foam, and why they will always lag behind. The temperature recognition of the memory foam has many benefits, and this is one of the main ones in ensuring that body recovers quickly and comfortably. If posture has always been a problem when sleeping, it no longer becomes an issue since you can lay how you want and get optimal results.

A good assist to a premium memory foam mattress is one of its accessories, like a memory foam pillow. Using a memory foam pillow of the same quality as the bed will yield incredible results to your sleep posture and overall health. Don’t take the health benefits of memory foam mattresses and their accessories lightly, it really is the real deal.

Memory Foam and Allergies

Last but not least, for suffers of allergies, latex foam isn’t the only option available to you. Many memory foam options are anti-mite and great for allergy sufferers to get a good night sleep. And with the inclusion of bamboo or even charcoal in some of the materials on the list, more benefits for allergy sufferers are gained making a less moist, less attractive surface for potential allergens and bugs to be attracted to.

These combinations of comfortable memory foam mattresses that are great for people with allergies are more plentiful than people think, and will go a long way into making sure that there is one less thing for consumers to worry about when they sleep.

This is a good list of most of the health benefits of having a memory foam mattress, so make sure to mark and compare it to others on the list to get a full range of the benefits being offered. Although every memory foam offering on the list has a different setup, the benefits will remain largely the same since memory foam has so many base qualities. If choosing a memory foam product on this list solely for the health benefits, there will be plenty of contenders to choose from.

Is Generic Memory Foam Worth it?

There is no generic memory foam, just grades of memory foam. Unlike other materials on the market that can be considered generic, memory foam is such a high quality material that calling any of its iterations generic would be an insult. Memory foam is memory foam, point blank, period.

They do have higher grades of memory foam for sure, but there is no cheap knockoff version of memory foam with less than stellar materials. The same base memory foam they put in the $1000+ brands are in the $200 plus brands, where the difference lie are in the extra materials and the features. A good example of this would be gel infused memory foam.

Many buyers didn’t want to take the leap and spend the fortune it costed to purchase gel infused memory foam, not only for the cooling agent, but for the excellent molding technology. Lesser known brands came out with gel infused memory foam and not only did they start selling like hotcakes, it made the bigger brands slightly lower their prices on their gel infused products. Customers often try out a no name brand and compare it to a bigger name brand, citing that it feels just like x. That isn’t an exaggeration, and just goes to prove that there is no generic memory foam.

Different Layers to Consider

Generic Memory FoamWhen purchasing from either a bigger brand or a smaller brand, there is also the difference in layers and even the base to consider. Always be wary of a memory foam manufacturer that sells a memory foam with springs in them. There obviously are exceptions to the rule, like on this list where a manufacturer has a memory foam mattress with individual coils underneath.

But on those rare occasions, you always want the base of your memory foam mattress to be solid, or else it will lose half of its benefits. Putting a memory foam mattress on a foundation that isn’t rock solid is like flushing hundreds of dollars down the toilet.

That is why users will often keep a box spring as a temporary base for their memory foam until they can get a better one for the memory foam mattress. Since none of the options on the list come with one, the price of the extra accessory should be factored when computing how much it would cost to own a memory foam. It can get expensive in a hurry, which is why having all of the facts together before purchasing can really help in determining how much it really costs to be a memory foam owner.

What About Heat Transfer?

Another difference in features have a lot to do with how the memory foam handles heat transfer. Memory foam generation 2 and higher typically handle heat from the body better than the 1st generation of memory foam. This has improved even more with gel memory foam and all of its infusions, to provide a cooler sleeping experience without the need for body heat. Older versions of memory foam were very comfortable and had all of the molding features, but because of the lack of breathability the experience left a lot of users hot and sweaty during their sleep.

This led to annoyances that were not there when using alternative options, which is why the market innovated and offered mattress breathability options with newer memory foam. Since then things have only gone uphill, and even though it isn’t perfect, consumers can look forward to not being thrown into a sauna in the middle of the night. But even the best of the best, which is gel infused memory foam, will suffer a bit in a heated house.

This is just the way the material is made and how it performs, especially with it being temperature and weight specific. A good performance marker with memory foam is if it can remain comfortable at 80 Fahrenheit and lower. If you get optimal results at even 80, then you have a great memory foam that is perfect in many conditions.

What About Warranty on Memory Foam?

It should also be noted that the standard length of the warranty is 20+ years, so anything lower than that should raise some red flags. Any reputable brand that has been in the business for years usually offers a long warranty, with a shorter warranty than 20 years when it comes to memory foam speaking more for the product than anything.

A shorter warranty could mean many things, highest on the list being that the product isn’t expected to last past that amount of time. By choosing a warranty that fits your personal needs as a consumer you can purchase a product that should not only last the warranty term, but even past that.

Memory foam bedding and even latex bedding are built to last a very long time, decades even. The only two types of bedding that are prone to problems in their lifetime would be spring coils which usually drop in the middle, and the newer air mattresses which have expensive parts that over time are prone to failing and need to be replaced. But even so, both spring and air mattress have long, long, much respected warranties.

Is Memory Foam Dangerous?

Flame Hazard?

Is Memory Foam DangerousFor all of the great information about memory foams and all of the health benefits, there is also some of the concerns that may be more attached to the first generation of memory foams than the more recent versions. Some of the more harmful chemicals in the bedrooms have been phased out, and replaced by possibly even more harmful ones.

A good example is when mattress makers were using PentaBDE as a flame retardant, and it was phased out due to the possible health risks. With companies scrambling to meet market guidelines a lot of the bigger brands came out with their own proprietary formula, of which the materials and ingredients are not shared with the general public.


Whatever is the new flame retardant passes market guidelines, so as far as the general public is concerned that is good enough. But on the rare occasion someone gets sick when sleeping on a brand new memory foam mattress, the first thing to go should be the cover. Some of the covers included with memory foam may be the cause for mild allergic reactions if that does occur, in which case you should be able to isolated it and have the manufacturer send you a more allergy friendly cover solution.

A good inside look into some of the main raw ingredients of memory foam would be Polyols, which is considered to be the binder in the memory foam. This is a petroleum oil derivative that can also include sources from caster beans or soy.

Hazardous Chemicals?

Diisocyanates is considered the reactive ingredient, and gives the memory foam its flexibility. Sources used most often are TDI and MDI, which by themselves in a raw dosage may be a carcinogenic. They can also cause respiratory and dermal sensitization in these same raw forms, so it is a very chemical agent. The safer option to build around, or rather less toxic is MDI, as it is the least hazardous organic isocyanate.

It’s important to note that these are most dangerous during the manufacturing process, long before they are released to the public. At that point they are nothing more than ingredients that have not yet been made whole, and are expected to be hazardous. After being made, they are safe but there is of course the chance of offgas. This is what leads to allergic reactions to the materials in not only memory foam, but bedding as a whole.

All of these hazardous materials and chemicals can be found in bedding everywhere, whether it is memory foam or not. So to answer the question of whether memory foam is dangerous or not, then no, it is no more dangerous than normal bedding. The obvious choice is that if these chemicals are a concern to you or your family then there is always the option of going natural, and not natural memory foam.

Even the most carefully made memory foam will have these materials in them, and even when they’re harmless, some people may not want to be near them. The safest option to avoid this is to get latex foam, which will without a doubt be cheaper but it will also not have the benefits of memory foam. The tradeoffs to going natural with your bedding comes with the consequence of missing out on all of the incredible features of memory foam, for better or for worse.

The decision is the customers to make, but it should be said once again that there is nothing to worry about concerning mattresses that are CentiPUR certified, as they have gone through a rigorous certification process. If you’ve been sleeping on a regular mattress for years without problems, then chances are memory foam won’t be a danger at all to you.

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A Complete Guide to Sleeping PositionsSo many sleeping positions, yet so little time to sleep! Consumers everywhere have their own personal horror stories about how a night of sleep can turn into a comedy act due to not being able to get comfortable. Some even speak about spending the entire night changing positions without getting any sleep at all. On the more serious side of sleeping positions is the fact that there health issues associated with the way you sleep, from little things like avoiding wrinkles to bigger things like avoiding heartburn. Peel back another layer and there is even some psychological reasons that couples sleep in certain positions over others. Whether you’re a back, side or even a stomach sleeper there is something to be said about the way you sleep, and which positions to avoid fully. Sleep apnea patients should pay close attention to this, as there is probably a lot of stuff in here that is already known, but is still vital to have a good night’s rest.

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Can Infants Sleep on Memory Foam?

There is a lot of controversy surrounding some unfortunate instances with memory foam, and a misunderstanding of how it should be used. Because of the way that memory foam is constructed, a lot of rules and regulations have gone into effect that shape the industry to make it safer for all, adults and infants. But the easiest way to ensure memory foam is safe for an infant is to purchase memory foam specifically meant for babies. There is an entire market that is made to cater to babies, and a lot of times this market goes unnoticed. Memory foam for adults really shouldn’t be used with infants without supervision, as it can have the same effect of a plastic bag being left with an infant. The unfortunate incidents that occurred with memory foam are a result of this misunderstanding, but with the infant memory foam industry gaining more ground, people are becoming more educated about the correct way to go about things.

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Health Benefits of Memory Foam Mattresses

Health Benefits of Memory Foam MattressesAlthough the comfort levels played a big part in the memory foam revolution, the pit stop that memory foam made in hospitals to ailing patients played a vital role before memory foam was sold to consumers. It went from NASA to protect the pilots, to hospitals to help sick patients be more comfortable while lying stationary, and finally to consumers. The two main benefits of memory foam mattresses are health, and comfort all in one easy to love package. Sleep apnea patients should really be able to appreciate the benefits of one less hurdle to a good night’s sleep, which is all due to the way the memory foam detects and adjusts to body temperature. It is an automatic feature that is foolproof and helps the body recover quickly from sores, aches, and other body pains. The quickest to heal would be the stress that is a result of a bad night’s sleep, which can easily be remedied by purchasing a good memory foam mattress.

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How Firm Should My Memory Foam Mattress be?

How Firm Should My Memory Foam Mattress beThis is a question that mostly afflicts newer users and those moving from coil mattresses to memory foam for the first time. Even after laying on a memory foam mattress for the first time and getting a general feeling, it still leaves a lot to be desired for people that end up not preferring it for a long term solution based on that. Memory foam is designed with different types of firmness, and since everyone has a preferred feel when they sleep, what feels good while laying down for a few minutes isn’t something that should be used to measure the long-term effectiveness of memory foam. Using measurements like ILD have since been phased out on the consumer level, or at least is still being attempted. However, finding a sweet spot between soft and firm is the easiest way to go when deciding how firm it should be for your needs. Get about a good couple of minutes and then compare it to another mattress with a little less or little more firmness based on your needs. This should be just enough to guide consumers in the correct direction.

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How Much Should I Spend on My Memory Foam Mattress

How Much Should I Spend on My Memory Foam MattressBuyers that have a hole burning in their pockets after shopping for a couple of days may eventually give in and spend everything, when in truth they only needed to spend half that. The lines in the memory foam mattress industry have been blurred so much that smaller, well established companies are offering competing product with multi-million dollar corporations like Serta and Tempurpedic. It’s an unprecedented challenge that hasn’t gone unnoticed by the bigger brands, and has led to them pushing their marketing budget to the tee. Innovation thankfully hasn’t taken a backseat to this war, as both big and small companies are now doing less outsourcing and using in-house techniques to distinguish their materials from the rest of the pack. This is a big win for consumers as they get an elongated list of top memory foam mattresses of all types to choose from, all different prices but with all of them being the same quality.

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How Thick Should My Foam Mattress Be

How Thick Should My Foam Mattress BeAs more of a personal choice, this comes down to the individual that is purchasing it. There are some rules to follow for all consumers though, and that is that too thin of a memory foam mattress is never worth the money spent on it. And even though thicker isn’t always better, it is a safe bet to say that more is always better than less when it comes to memory foam thickness. The introduction of layers to the product introduced a couple of extra features that consumers should be aware about, including the support base and the top layer, vital components of a memory foam mattress. Like many memory foam iterations from manufacturers, there are memory foam mattresses going in size from 10+ inches and up, as brands do their best to compete with one another while providing all of the options. On this front there is little trickery or traps for the consumer to fall into, and in some situations the eyeball test with thickness is all you need.

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How to Choose the Right Density For Your Memory Foam?

How to Choose the Right Density For Your Memory FoamChoosing the wrong density with a memory foam will only cause headaches with what should be a smooth purchase. Every maker has their own density rating, so it isn’t always enough to just go by the numbers, but is better to use a collective source of information and tactics to ensure you get the correct density for a memory foam mattress. Whether choosing low, medium, or high density there should be an awareness with the purchase that goes beyond the numbers and word of mouth. With the price differences with manufacturers confusing more customers every day, it has become more of a concern to narrow down the search for the perfect memory foam mattress without overwhelming the consumer. A correct choice with memory foam density could mean the difference between getting memory foam that is like laying on a brick wall, and memory foam that is like laying in a floating cloud. The choice is always yours, and the decision that goes along with it.

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How to look after your memory foam mattress

How to look after your memory foam mattressSpilling juice on a memory foam mattress isn’t the end of the world, and there are fixes that will get that spill or stain right up. But to avoid being in that situation in the first place, prevention is the best method with memory foam mattresses. Getting a small stain out isn’t a big issue, yet if that stain is large, consumers are looking at a full day if not more of getting it out. By using prevention measures to keep it from happening in the first place, it saves buyers a lot of time with their memory foam mattress. There are also care tips for keeping memory foam mattresses past their warranty date that many people miss or don’t know about. Memory foam when taken care of should last longer than standard mattress, but if misused will lose their benefits just like any other worn out product. It’s an easy road to taking care of a memory foam mattress, and it starts before you even make the purchase.

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Memory Foam Mattress Guide To the Perfect Size

Memory Foam Mattress Guide To the Perfect SizeWhat may seem like an elementary thing to worry about for most may end up turning into a disaster for both the user and the company. Mattress size is more than just aesthetics, it determines how some people sleep, whether it is comfortable for a couple to sleep in, and even helps in cases where it will be arriving with a new bedframe.  The wrong mattress size is one of the biggest return reasons in the world, and as frustrating an experience it can be, it’s quite easy to avoid. There are a variety of sizes available, even sizes that were not available a couple of years ago. Since every mattress maker is different, not all models will have all sizes, and not all makers will have all sizes. Missing out on that key point could be a big problem if say the consumer wants to return his twin for a twin xl, when the xl version isn’t available. Scout out the size requirements beforehand, and that will be one less problem moving forward.

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What Makes Foam have Memory

What Makes Foam have MemoryWhat could be a confusing lesson in how things work is actually a very simple one, as the science of memory foam is well documented and easy to understand. There are no magic tricks associated with its composition, and it’s simply a matter of materials reacting to body heat and weight in order to mold properly. This elastic process grants users the comfort levels of memory foam and allows it to retain its shape only seconds after having the weight removed from it. Traditionally, there hasn’t been a major improvement to memory foam since the original, other than open cell technology. That’s how good the original formula was, and still is. There isn’t another product capable of such market leading technology years later without a major change, and it proves just how powerful a product memory foam has been over the years. Things will continue to get better, because chances are the next breakthrough with memory foam will be the final nail in the coffin for traditional mattresses.

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What Types of Memory Foam are there?

What Types of Memory Foam are thereOver the years memory foam makers have gotten a lot more creative with how they present their product, whether it be marketing or other gimmicks. But a lot of those gimmicks are actual useful features, including additional features that are added to the base memory foam formula. All of these features are going to be consumer dependent, so don’t go on a shopping spree for the memory foam that has the most features if none of them apply to you. In some cases consumers will prefer the more traditional memory foam, with its lack of features and firmness representing a niche customer base that’s still worth appealing to. Then of course there is the green movement with memory foam, which although it is a bit behind in some regards, is one of the more interesting transitions over the years in the industry. There is a memory foam type for everyone, they just have to make a conscious effort to choose the one that fits them best.

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Bottom Line

This wonderfully extensive list of the best memory foam mattresses is an important starting point to getting the luxury and health benefits that you deserve and our list of memory foam mattress reviews is a good starting point to find the right fit for you.

It’s never too late to purchase a good mattress, and the bed frame doesn’t mean anything if the mattress that is in it can’t do the job it was meant to do. Memory foam mattresses have a simple job to do yet they are not in as many homes as they should be in.

A lot of people decide to pay for mattresses that are cheap and forget to replace it with a quality version. Cheap mattresses are no good in any home, and will do more damage to you than good. That damage can lead to troubles in your personal relationship, troubles at work, even overall personal health troubles that lead to chronic pain.

Buyers have the tools to educate themselves with this list and prep their homes with what is needed to ensure the maximum quality possible for living. There are no shortcuts to life, and having a great memory foam mattress possible is a good example of the correct choice to make, rather than the easy choice.

If the first thing a consumer sees is the price, then they should look again. The price reflects the quality in this case, and a lot of items on this list manage to be low priced yet have top tier quality. Even with choosing the lowest priced item on the list a buyer can come away with something that can change their lives. The hardest part about the process is not looking at the price tag, and instead looking at the individual benefits of each product and what it has to offer you. In the end a satisfied consumer may end up purchasing more than one mattress, instead opting to replace all of the cheap and unfulfilling mattress in their home.

This is not out of the ordinary, and has happened many times after a buyer has discovered the benefits of a great memory foam mattress. Whether you will decide to replace the one in your bedroom, the one in the guestroom, or all, there is still a decision to be made with educating yourself in the first place. A memory foam mattress at this point in anyone’s life is a game changer, with so many health optimizations added with a simple night of sleep. And when choosing a memory foam mattress that is a great fit for you from this list, it becomes life changing benefits.