Amerisleep Revere 12″ Natural Memory Foam Mattress Review

The revered mattress company strikes again with a simple but elegant high priced memory foam mattress that stays true to the green roots of the company. Besides being made from natural plant-based ingredients, the company used their in-house technology to make sure that the mattress had open cell Bio-Pur technology to keep from heating up individuals that are resting on it.

This is a nice change of pace since gel memory foam has been the best solution in a while with keeping away heat, yet Amerisleep manages to do it without infusing gel products at all.

In the off chance that customers do sweat while they sleep, the surface naturally moisture-wicks so it won’t be a problem at all. This entire mattress is on the medium firm list of the hardness scale, and works well for buyers that don’t want to sink into the mattress as soon as they get on.

There is an updated version of this mattress available as this is from the 2014 version, but believe it or not the 2015 version is not as popular as this one. It has sold many, and continues to be one of the favored models for the company.

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Amerisleep Revere 12″ Natural Memory Foam Mattress Overview

Brand Notoriety

Amerisleep is a respected brand that is known for slashing prices, but not quality. They are an openly ecofriendly company that uses natural materials and even surpassed the Clean Air Acts standards at their warehouses.

Rather than default to latex memory foam which would be the easier option as a green company, Amerisleep is much like Brentwood Homes in that they create one of a kind masterpieces with their own little touches that puts it lightyears ahead of the competition. Amerisleep is one of the few memory foam manufacturers that can create thick memory foam that is truly breathable without infusing it with gel.

Their website is user friendly, with an up to date blog and rotating deals. Besides selling memory foam mattresses they sell dog beds, sofa bed mattresses, mattress toppers, sheets/protectors and memory foam pillows. All exceed their standards of excellence and the buyer should feel comfortable in knowing that when they purchase from Amerisleep they are improving the environment.

For those interested, Amerisleep offers a 20 year warranty and a 100 night sleep trial for those that are unsure if they want to purchase. It’s a hard to beat deal that will leave a lot of potential customers speechless.

Quality of Memory Foam

The 12 inches of memory foam from the company is 100% top notch, with a 3 inch top portion that is 4.5 pounds of medium firm support. There are only 2 layers to the bed, and this top layer is vital due to the Bio-Pur technology that it is enhanced with.

The bottom portion is 9 inches of 2 pound density support that really brings out the best features of the mattress. Despite being a medium firm product, the extra thickness in no way degrades the sleep restoration since it keeps away heat a lot better than other products with the same amount of thickness.

It is a great balance of thick memory foam that retains its firmness but also one that contours to your body without burning you up in the middle of the night and destroying your sleep pattern. Memory foam reaction time is also enhanced so uses can move around without feeling like they are trapped in a cocoon, one of the bigger caveats of softer memory foam.

This is about as high a quality a memory foam as one could expect with the current price. Throw in the fabric cover that wicks away moisture and it really is the complete package.

Best Features

Being environmentally friendly is a big bonus to those that look for that in a company, but not only in the way they produce the product, but in the warehouses they are manufactured in as well. Amerisleep set up their factories so that they actually emit cleaner air than what they started with, a crowning achievement that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Add to that the bonus of the natural plant based ingredients in their memory foam, and buyers have a premium product that will last them for years. In the event that the product doesn’t work out as needed, they offer a 20 year warranty that will easily fix any issue you have, and even have a phone number and live technical support.

They are a very efficient company, and even managed to make a thick memory foam that surpasses many on the market with how fast it dissipates heat, and all without making a hybrid gel memory foam. With the included cover buyers get an incredible deal at an honest price that will last for decades, with little chance of breaking down.

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Best Comparison

The Liberty by Amerisleep is probably the best comparison to this mattress due to the types of sleepers it favors. The Revere is great for back sleepers due to how firm it is, but will probably aggravate side sleepers since there isn’t enough give to make it comfortable. In that case the Liberty works well and is the preferred choice since it’s slightly softer and works better for the consumer. Both the Revere and the Liberty pretty much have the same construction, just one is better for one type of sleeper than the other one is.

Personal Opinion

This is a winner on every level, even if it does favor back sleepers. The firmness is something that is hard to achieve with a memory foam mattress yet it manages to do it without drawing heat to itself.

That’s a pretty big achievement and worthy of trying their 100 night trial if it’s available in your area. Top that off with a 20 year warranty and most users should be set within a few nights with whether this will be their mattress for a couple of decades or not. High priced mattresses let you design your bedroom simple yet elegant.

From the looks of things there is very little not to like about this mattress unless you prefer something softer.

Price Changes Since Release

There is not going to be any big shifts in the price on this product, or any in their lineup. Every now and then there will be a big deal, but it usually involves more of a package deal than just the mattress.

Amerisleep already cuts out a lot of the financial blow to the customer, so that alone is a reason why these mattresses don’t tend to go up or down in price. Stock amount is pretty good and should last year round due to some customers being interested in hybrid, air, and gel memory foam solutions.

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A good firm memory foam mattress made out of natural materials from an ecofriendly company isn’t as hard to find after all thanks to Amerisleep. They have plenty more in their 2015 lineup to share but people are still loving on the fantastic 2014 lineup from this great company.

With an advanced and natural take on memory foam with a 100 night trial, customers are lining up to take part in what could be the mattress of their lifetimes. Don’t miss out on this good deal, and make sure to check out their other offerings as well.