Brentwood Home 11-Inch Gel HD Memory Foam Mattress Review

As a mid-priced queen gel memory foam mattress this is really a fun take on the industry that won’t blow up consumer’s bank accounts. The CertiPUR certified gel mattress puts most of the important foam on the mattress in an airflow regulated capacity so that sleepers worldwide can enjoy the benefits of the gel memory foam infusion.

Using a high quality gel memory foam is just one of the things Brentwood Home has to offer, as the foam contours to your body just like regular memory foam and offers all of the health benefits.

A lot of natural materials went into making both the cover and the mattress, so it has a lot less offgas present in it than in other models on the market. Durability isn’t a concern, especially with the high support base it offers on shipment. Paring this with an appropriate steady foundation will give great results in the bedroom to sleep, aches and joints as well as overall health.

Fire safety for the mattress has also been tested extensively and it meets the standard for the flammability of mattress sets 16 CFR 1833. This is everything an interesting consumer needs in a gel memory foam mattress and then some. Check the Latest Price on Amazon!

Brentwood Home 11-Inch Gel HD Memory Foam Mattress Overview

Brand Notoriety

Brentwood Home is actually very well known as a retailer locally in Los Angeles, CA and has been in the business for over 30 years. The family owned business hand crafts their products in their own workshops to meet optimal quality for all occasions.

They make it a point to be one of the greener memory foam countries, and boasts about their natural ingredients like bamboo, organic cotton, wool, kapok, organic latex and soy wax. Brentwood home also does several things for charity and local shelters in their area, and works with the Three Trees Initiative to plant trees in areas of need across the country.

Their site maintains an updated blog and they come highly recommended by several verifiable sources. They are as legit as big names like Serta, so for buyers looking for a smaller company that promotes the green lifestyle then Brentwood Home would definitely be the one to consider sinking your money into. The blog also contains tips on getting a better night’s sleep, along with other helpful relaxation tips. The quality of the main website is quick and snappy, and has a pleasing look about it that isn’t overly complicated.

Quality of Memory Foam

At this point it should come as no surprise that the quality of the memory foam in this mattress from Brentwood Home is of the highest quality one can find. In general with their natural ingredients the use of bamboo helps the gel mattress to be naturally anti-microbial, the organic cotton used is free from toxins due to the way it is grown, and the organic latex helps with soreness and restorative sleep.

Lastly, the wool is an all-purpose fiber that wicks away moisture, resists odors and regulates body temperatures and even resists fires. All of these great natural solutions are combined into a comfortable plush gel memory foam mattress that is easy on the body with a price that is hard to beat.

Of the 11 inches the top part is a 2.5 inch gel infused hd memory foam comfort layer, with a 2 inch ventilated cool airflow layer and a bottom thick 6.5 inch therapeutic support base. It resists dust mites, is hypoallergenic and as mentioned before is naturally anti-microbial. A bamboo cover is included that is spectacular in its feel and how easy it is to remove.

The only way to get quality higher than this in a memory foam is to start spending in the thousands. Sizes available are twin, twin xl, full, full extra-long, short queen, queen, Olympic queen, split queen, king, California king, split California king and split king. The queen is a light 50 pounds with dimensions of 80x60x11.

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Best Features

Without a doubt it has to be the care that has been made to put the natural materials together and still create a comfortable experience. It’s hard to get a gel memory foam that has a lower percentage chance of bothering people that may have allergic reactions to memory foam.

Even though the cases are rare, it is still an annoying occurrence that can result in sending the mattress back because it is incompatible to your health needs. The natural ways of Brentwood Home is a safer bet, and the company is very reputable.

Offering the 25 year warranty is another big plus, and since it is a smaller company customers may find they get better direct customer service than dealing with a busier bigger brand. Because of the materials it is unlikely the warranty will even need to be called in, which is a relief to both parties involved.

Best Comparison

Strangely enough, the best comparison is Sleep Numbers INNOVATION SERIES: i8, i10. A few people have mentioned leaving their Sleep Number series air mattresses in order to purchase one that felt similar and had a lot less parts. Many left and found solace in the Brentwood Home 11-Inch Gel HD Memory Foam Mattress rather than seeking a gel solution from Sleep Number.

Cost was obviously one of the factors, but many would not bother leaving if it wasn’t for an equal sleeping experience, regardless of how much money they saved.

Personal Opinion

This is very much a big name brand, regardless of if they identify themselves as such. If not a big name brand then Brentwood Home is a very trusted name in the industry. From the fast customer support to the one of a kind natural memory foam mattresses and latex solutions, they have it all.

They even make memory foam pillows from a fine fabric that are better than some competitor’s beds. Since everything is crafted in their own workshop the savings are passed along to the consumer, without a lot of overhead. This leads to a premium mattress at a very pleasing price.

Price Changes Since Release

The price has stayed the same for a while now and won’t be budging from the medium price point anytime soon, and there may be stock issues if you are looking for a certain mattress near Christmas.

Because there is already a big cut to the consumer from the point of purchase, then this is a consistent price that will probably drop very little, and if it does, you’re looking at maybe 10% at most. If interested in making a purchase it is advisable to buy it now while it is still in stock, rather than waiting near the end of the year when they may be out of a certain kind.

Check the Latest Price on Amazon!


Brands that are green conscious are very few, and the ones that are available are not always of the highest quality even if they mean well. Brentwood Home does a great job of proving that premium materials can be natural and that those same natural premium materials don’t have to cost an arm and a leg to the consumer.

Besides the great health benefits that the company is passing along to the consumer, they are also passing along great family values that everyone could easily learn to abide by.