Can Infants Sleep on Memory Foam

Can Infants Sleep on Memory Foam?

The interest with memory foam solutions has grown in the adult arena, but in this case how good is memory foam for infants? Firstly, never let an infant sleep alone on an adult memory foam mattress. Depending on how soft the mattress is, the infant could easily sink in and suffocate if they rolled over on their stomachs.

For infants there is specialized memory foam, which has all of the benefits of adult memory foam, but are made to be firm so that the infant can sink in a bit without it being too dangerous. They are tailor made from the ground up for infants and are highly recommended as they help with the general health of your kid, especially in the younger stages as they’re growing up.

Several mothers have joined the memory foam revolution and many prefer memory foam made for infants over traditional crib mattresses, since it naturally aids with sleep. Along with the sleeping benefits there is a comfortable baby sleeping in their crib and not crying as much because they are in cloud heaven. That alone is worth the money, if not for the baby then for the sleepy parents.

Why is IT Good for Your Baby?

Can Infants Sleep on Memory FoamInfants spend most of their time sleeping when they come into the world, so fitting them with a memory foam mattress that allows them to maximize the benefits of restorative sleep helps the mental and physical health of all those involved. Memory foam specifically designed for infants helps their growing needs and keeps them safe whereas an adult solution is not properly fitted to keep a baby from suffocating. These are Certi-PUR certified mattresses that are mite-proof, hypoallergenic and anti-microbial.

There are no harmful chemicals in the mattresses that can hurt the infant, and less bad materials included in the construction so that it doesn’t attract harmful elements. Different manufacturers also use various covers with natural fibers that may contain features like being waterproof, being odor resistant, stain resistant and even the ability to reduce bacterial growth and mold. These removable covers are machine washable and are easy to swap around.

Many companies also offer a memory foam pillow with a cover along with the memory foam mattress, a deal which can be hard to pass up when comparing offers. The covers on these pillows are usually hypoallergenic and also machine washable. Pillows that are offered have the options of being available for kids up to age 5, and some places even offer an upgraded pillow for 6-10 year olds so that their sleep habits remain largely the same as they grow, which is peaceful.

Reported Stories

Can Infants Sleep on Memory FoamThere are websites and Facebook pages dedicated to memory foam infant death awareness, a horrible introduction to what can happen when infants when they are left unattended on adult memory foam. The assumption that memory foam is safe for everyone can cause immediate grief if not kept in check. One of the more notable stories is of Gwendalynne Deborah Marie Hines, a 5 month old that was laid to rest on an adult memory foam mattress and ended up scooting while she was sleeping.

By scooting she ended up under a heavy memory foam pillow, which caused her to suffocate. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SIDS is a very real thing concerning not only memory foam mattresses for adults, but some of the earlier versions of memory foam mattresses for infants. This has led to several massive recalls due to flammability, movement issues and even improper sizing.

With the CPSC on top of things for the last couple of years, memory foam for infants are now a 100% safe option compared to a couple of years ago. On a last note it is also not recommended to sleep with your baby on an adult memory foam mattress, as a mourning mother in Michigan found out one day. Her 5 month old baby Everett James was found beside her not breathing and completely unresponsive. It was a horrible thing for her to wake up to, and it speaks to the dangers of adult memory foam and infants not needing to mix.

Do Specialized Brands Make a Difference?

Absolutely. Sealy and My First are the go to makers when it comes to memory foam, with Sealy firmly in the top spot. My First is a Kittrich Corportation branch, and is well respected and an ideal solution for the parents that don’t want to pay a couple of hundred for a specialized memory foam mattress for infants, but still want good quality.

But staying with Sealy, it’s hard to argue spending a couple of extra bucks to take care of a young infant in need. Since Sealy is the best brand available for memory foam solutions for infants, it is vital that parents recognize this and go with them as a first option if they have the cash. Even some of Sealy’s older solutions are acceptable , which isn’t a knock on My First, but just a testament to how far ahead Sealy is to other competitors in this field. There are hundreds of reviews in their favors, and after reading some of the horror stories with memory foam mattresses and infants it becomes an even clearer solution with what the best buy is.

Can Infants Sleep on Memory FoamSealy also has the best customer support of the two brands, so if there is a specific question about the memory foam for your infant that you have a reprehensive will not only be punctual in their answer but thorough and direct. This level of support is important to new parents since they will be under a lot of new pressure and may not have all the answers and know where to turn to.

In the case of My First, things get a little worrisome for users that have to call in to customer service. The wait time is a little on the long side, and in some cases it can be unbearable. Warranty information is good, but actual technical support and general questions seems to require long holds and waits. Once again the quality is great, but Sealy is clearly the top dog here.


When looking for a memory foam solution for an infant always choose one that is specialized for them, and avoid using adult memory foam with them at all costs. Granted there is a small sampling of issues with infants and adult memory foam, but just that small sampling created enough worry for people to put warnings out about the issue.

Sealy is the one brand that every adult should be looking at when wanting to purchase memory foam materials for their infants, since they are not only the highest quality but have the customer support backing to make new parents feel safe and calm no matter what the experience.

Memory foam for infants is an idea that has matured into a wonderful innovation, as introduction great sleeping habits to infants is the perfect way to set up their future. With good sleeping habits at such a young age they will grow to develop an appreciation for a good night’s sleep. That also applies to the parents, who will be smiling along with the infant.