Health Benefits of Memory Foam Mattresses

Health Benefits of Memory Foam Mattresses

The many benefits of memory foam come to the forefront when talking about consumer health. The origin of memory foam after all was through a NASA program for a better experience for their pilots and equipment. From there it made its way into hospitals across the world to aid patients with aches and sores.

So the first few iterations of memory foam were born from the root of optimizing the human condition for best performance. On the consumer level from the very first memory foam, it tackled a problem with users sleeping in harmful ways to their overall health.

Consumer Memory Foam Mattresses

Health Benefits of Memory Foam MattressesMemory foam solutions flooded the market around a time when sleep health was not as big as it was now, with the data showing how important sleep is to human health. So it is safe to say that memory foam on the consumer level at first introduction did not get nearly enough marketing for health benefits, even though it was there right from the very start.

The agenda was focused more on how soft the memory foam is and how well it contoured to the body. In some ways the beginning of memory foam for the consumer market focused on going head to head with firmer mattresses of the time, and calling them out for not providing the most optical sleep experience.

Once memory foam caught on, things shifted to how well people were sleeping in comparison to coil mattresses and how they woke up refreshed. There was even a lot of propaganda about memory foam curing arthritis for victims that have suffered from it for many years.

Right around the time actual medical information came out about the benefits of memory foam’s restorative uses and how it actually works is when the market started to bloom. Memory foam was proven to help with not only getting a full night of uninterrupted rest, but also for being a major contributor to accelerating the healing process through temperature aided sleeping. It’s the only one of its kind to do it, and it is one of the things that even the most advanced coil mattress to this day still can’t replicate.

Even the newer individual coil mattresses don’t have the option of adjusting to body temperature to find aches and sores in the human body and contour correctly to it. Below is a good idea of what to expect with the health benefits of memory foam, and what it can do for you as an individual.

Aches and Pains

Health Benefits of Memory Foam MattressesThe easiest way to get a back injury is while sleeping with your spine not aligned correctly. Years of bad sleeping habits can lead to chronic issues in all parts of the body, mostly due to the spine being mistreated by the consumer while they sleep. Not every bed is created the same, and most users are dissatisfied with their bedding but usually spend years on the same mattress, flipping and turning in the middle of the night forcing themselves to get to sleep.

They will fight the mattress until they finally get into a position that sends them to dreamland, a position that could possibly be harmful if practiced for years on end. Consumers have troubles choosing a position that will put them to sleep and waste precious sleep time trying to find it, because with the current mattress that comfortable position doesn’t exist. This leads to the body and muscles being stretched in ways that is unhealthy for long periods of time, much less 8 hours of human sleep.

Then of course there are the busy workers who don’t even have time to get a full 8 hours and are operating on 4 hours of sleep a day, if even that. If half of those 4 hours are spent fighting the mattress and trying to get asleep, then it can really be a disaster for their career as well as personal life. With a memory foam mattress it is as simple as climbing into bed and choosing a position, then allowing the mattress to contour to your body.

Health Benefits of Memory Foam MattressesIt automatically matches your body shape and hugs you in a plush cloud, and for users that have modern memory foam the gel beads will even react to your body temperature and give priority to areas of your body that are aching or sore. Memory foam naturally reacts to the body’s heat, and since sore areas give off more heat than the rest of the body it becomes an automatic process when finding the troubled areas.

Just one night of this type of sleep yields positive results as the body is allowed to do its job and restore vital points in the body. Rather than fighting the mattress consumers simply lay in bed and the mattress shapes to them, without any input necessary from the user. This is something that no other mattress in the market can do, not coil, no water, not goose down, and not even air mattresses.

Sleep Apnea

Health Benefits of Memory Foam MattressesSleep Apnea patients usually have to sleep on their side in order to avoid snoring, a sound so loud it can break up marriages. But sleeping on the side isn’t comfortable on every mattress due to the arm falling asleep or being in an awkward position. The spine is also not aligned properly in this position, and forces some users to go into the fetal position to finally fall asleep.

With the health benefits of memory foam, this becomes an easy fix as a soft enough memory foam mattress will allow the user to sink enough into the mattress so that the weight is even on all parts of the body, and thus keeps their arms from falling asleep. One of the worst things to do is to wake up with a numb arm, a jarring experience that always takes consumers by surprise.

Using a memory foam solution completely gets rid of this annoyance, and allows sleep apnea patients to sleep how they want on either side without disturbing their partners. And with the effects of sleep apnea affecting the critical points in sleep, with users getting as many as 10 hours and still feeling tired, every hour counts which is why memory foam is a preferred option. It’s harder to not sleep well on a memory foam solution than it is to sleep badly on one.


Along with the allergy relief from the natural versions of memory foam, it is an easy choice to make when gauging the health benefits for the household and how it affects the family. Without compromising sleep positions, sleep time, or even cost, memory foam mattresses have found a way to gives users the sleep they have always wanted for years, and in many cases have changed lives.

The health worries concerning not getting proper sleep can never get enough media attention, since it is still something that people suffer with every day, even with proper solutions available. It is easier now than ever to own a memory foam mattress that will aid in providing the health benefits you need to get restorative sleep and heal years of bad patterns. The only thing that is stopping buyers from making the change are themselves, and nothing more.