How Much Should I Spend on Memory Foam Mattress

How Much Should I Spend on Memory Foam Mattress?

The eternal price question comes into play when deciding what would be an appropriate price to pay for the memory foam mattress that best fits what you want. In a short answer, if the memory foam item you’ve chosen is a must have and can’t be found in any other model, then there is no limit. For the rest of the crowd that is searching based on price and is still not sure what is a good deal or not, then the playing field is a little different. Because of the many types of memory foam products on the market by all the companies there are many features and characteristics that affect price. One of those characteristics is the type of memory foam the consumer will be buying, which has a big effect on price. Buying a Traditional memory foam vs a Gel memory foam will always be a cheaper option. So for this guide the focus will be on actual price rather than what the consumer should pick. But even if the memory foam that buyers choose fit their pocketbook, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will fit their needs.

Traditional Memory Foam

How Much Should I Spend on Memory Foam MattressThe old and faithful champion, Traditional memory foam is the cheapest of all the options. Usually this type of memory foam lacks the air cool layer that comes with the other modern iterations, and instead concentrates on a base support layer and a top layer of memory foam. It is the most basic of the bunch, and the best to get if you like thick, old school mattresses. Some of the earlier versions even reach a softness level that is absurd, but loved by some people in the market since newer solutions are taking a more modest approach to mattresses that soft. Never pay more than medium price for a Traditional memory foam, with the bulk of them being available at a low price. They also work better in colder climates since they trap heat better than any other memory foam type on the market. It is not the top selling type of memory foam, but it is still an important piece to be reckoned with in the industry.

Air Cool Memory Foam

How Much Should I Spend on Memory Foam MattressAs the upgraded version of the Traditional memory foam, these types usually comes with as many as 4-5 layers of memory foam. The usual top and bottom base layer, and sandwiched in-between are airflow and comfort layers to help the mattress regulate heat. They manage to keep less body heat in the mattress than all previous solutions, even though the problem still never really completely goes away. These mattresses are made for comfort and usually can go from anywhere from low to even the high prices. In this particular area things get a little tricky, as many iterations of air cool memory foam are quite good, and some of the hard to find older models are still in high demand. For this type it is recommended to spend low still, but bump it up to medium price if you really want it. In certain rare cases where the brand is impeccable and you’re 100% sure this is the one, a high price can be spent on Air Cool memory foam. But typically anything higher than the mid-price range is considered overpaying for this type.

Gel Memory Foam

How Much Should I Spend on Memory Foam MattressThe undisputed king of memory foam, and considered to be worth it at any price point. Gel memory foam can be found as low, medium and high price options. The best choices are always going to be on the high end, as in that category are features that can’t even be matched by the medium price range gel memory foams. Gel is the coolest feeling of all the types listed and has a variety of extra features that make it a force to be reckoned with. With the many gel types offered by different companies there comes a lot of confusion with what to purchase. Since Gel memory foam is considered the upper tier, a careful decision by the customer usually results in both sides being extremely satisfied. If a consumer isn’t afraid about jumping into the memory foam world, then starting and ending with gel solutions is their best bet.

Green Memory Foam

How Much Should I Spend on Memory Foam MattressAnd here is green memory foam, a type that is as niche as Traditional memory foam. It works well not only for green households, but for homes that may have serious allergy sufferers. The materials used in green memory foam are all natural and nonabrasive, meaning it’s safe for any application within the home. Without the harsh chemicals that may come with other items, this makes green memory foam indispensable and worth spending a high amount of money on. But fret not, as most quality green memory foam can be bought at the medium price point, but there are a couple at the higher end. If giving back to the environment and keeping your house free of harmful contaminants is a top priority, then obviously a high price really isn’t a concern for this type of memory foam. And with very few true green memory foam makers, their rarity has in a way increased their value and stock. Go green if it is an important attribute to your lifestyle, but keep in mind that you may end up paying extra for it.

Name Brand vs. Smaller Brand

Since the gap has closed on the quality offered between name brand and smaller brands, it makes little sense anymore to pay thousands for a Serta or Tempurpedic mattress when the same quality can be bought by Brentwood Home and LUCID for less than a grand. Besides customer loyalty, there is little reason to fear the big guys, and even their extra benefits don’t justify the extra price spent for the materials. Buyers should always do a comparison of the bigger brand vs. the small brand, if only to have a clear conscience when making the final purchase. It may open up more consumer eyes than people think when it comes to making the right decision with memory foam.


Does it make sense to spend thousands on a memory foam mattress? Absolutely, if it is within your budget and it meets all of the specifications you want personally. Should you? That is a completely different story. The guide works as a roadmap, and if doing a simple comparison of companies’ bed for bed, it makes little sense to spend thousands for a memory foam mattress. The top brands look silly for offering an almost 10 grand solution when a regular consumer can purchase something similar for a fraction of the cost. The war has been heating up for some time now, and the line is drawn in the sand for all to see that overpriced memory foam beds are a thing of the past. The product has reached a peak point in price where a customer can pretty much have any bed they want for at most $1,000, features and all. There are few gimmicks and brands that are worth anything in the thousands for a single product, so make sure to toss some favor the little guy’s way when making the decision to buy memory foam of any type.