How to Look After Your Memory Foam Mattress

How to Look After Your Memory Foam Mattress?

Looking after a memory foam mattress can be a hit or miss process for new users, which is a shame since it is ultimately easier to look after than a traditional box spring mattress. A lot of new users think that memory foam is so delicate that they are afraid of dealing with it in the first place, leading them to being overly cautious when using it. On the other side of the spectrum there are also users that think it is a giant indestructible sponge that can withstand just about anything, and be treated in any way possible. Neither of these are even close to the truth, and a memory foam mattress can be easier than most to not only get started with but to take care of overall. Choosing a quality mattress is the first big step in getting the best experience. A quality mattress from a good maker means it is built for the long haul, and having a good mattress from the start is half the battle. Other important things to remember is what type of memory foam it is, as it may have special care instructions.

How to Look After Your Memory Foam MattressWarranties are pretty much universal and go in the 20-30 year range, with a few being more 10 years and some bad ones being even less. Although it is important to have a good warranty, that shouldn’t factor in to how well you take care of the memory foam mattress since calling in a warranty is always a last resort. Don’t neglect taking care of the mattress in favor of using the warranty just because it is convenient. With the terms in the fine print there are even some things that will void the warranty, making it wholly useless when you decide to exercise the option. Prevention is the best option, which is why memory foam mattresses ship with a cover to begin with. These covers are usually of high quality and removable, and in specific cases where they are low quality covers, it’s still a better option than no cover at all. Never leave a memory foam mattress uncovered for longer than it needs to be, as a single accident could ruin a lot of hard work. Below are some interesting tips and facts with how to care for a memory foam mattress, along with some interesting quirks to look out for.

The Cover

How to Look After Your Memory Foam MattressThe cover that comes with memory foam mattresses can be quite fetching to the eye, especially on some of the higher priced models. Underneath the fancy covers are some unique features specific to the mattress maker that can be a combination of being hypoallergenic, spill proof, stain proof, and even dust mite resistant. Manufacturers make it a point to make the cover match as much of the mattresses features as possible, while also including unique features. So a good memory foam mattress cover is the start to protecting the product and taking care of it. Most if not all mattress covers are removable with a zipper for easy washing, so buyers should take advantage of that and try to work out a schedule for when this is most convenient. In the rare situation where the memory foam purchase doesn’t come with a cover, buyers can get it for a very low cost. The only downside to this of course is that there will be a different design, features and overall quality drop due to it being brought separately. One of the hallmark features of having a cover come with the memory foam is that it gets rid of having to go through this minor headache, so it is always recommended to buy from a source that confirms that a cover comes with it. As the first line of defense to protecting and caring for a memory foam mattress, neglecting the cover can be a costly mistake.

Proper Support Makes a Difference

How to Look After Your Memory Foam MattressThe first thing a lot of users do after purchasing their first memory foam mattress is to just drop it on top of the box spring that their old mattress was on. Doing this not only degrades the feel of the memory foam, but is it not recommended at all since memory foam needs an even solid base. You also open yourself up to warranty woes if the box spring is not in the best shape and ends up damaging the memory foam, it’s up to you how you make it long lasting mattress. This has happened on many occasions, and in some funny instances the entire bed would collapse with the couple on it due to a weak box spring or a couple of pieces of wood that were too weak to handle the support. Great memory foam just needs a solid even surface to be put on, with various ways to increase the height if it is too low. Special sets are sold to replace the foundation, and it is acceptable to just place some thick plywood sheets underneath the existing one if measured correctly. So with a simple mistake like choosing the wrong foundation, buyers are already doing harm to their mattress and not giving it the care that it needs to last throughout the warranty. Have a good support base ready for your mattress the moment it arrives, and you’ll be set for years to come and more.

Handling Spills and Stains

How to Look After Your Memory Foam MattressSo what happens if you do get a spill on the memory foam mattress, is it ruined for life? No, but to keep it from staining, there are some proven methods that have been used for years. Start by using a vacuum with a brush attachment to remove any extra particles that may be on the surface before you start to clean. If you skip this step there is a good chance that it will get ground into and fuse with the memory foam itself, which is a very bad idea. Using a mixture of a ½ cup fabric cleaner and 1 cup water spray the affected area until it is damp enough to make a difference, letting it sit for about an hour afterwards. Now here is the tricky part where you’ll have to use a solution of ¼ vinegar and ¾ cup of water and spray it over the same area, rinsing with regular water and being careful to get all of the solution out. Having a dry lint free towel nearby helps with this part of the process. The last part involves using a small heat source like a hair dryer to quicken the process of making it ready to use again, but it is recommended for best results to let it air dry.


The biggest step to taking care of your memory foam mattress is prevention, and it is extremely rare if you take this step for anything to possibly go wrong. Buying a great memory foam mattress from a proven company that comes with a quality cover, along with an outstanding warranty program will net you the easiest couple of years with dealing with a product. Don’t forget a solid support base to prevent any tears or accidents and from there everything will be on auto pilot. Taking care of your memory foam mattress is one of the easiest, painless and most satisfying parts of owning this great product.