LUCID 12 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review

The popular LUCID brand continues its tear across the industry with their latest triple layer masterpiece, priced very high but worth every penny. Available in a variety of sizes this is the one bed users shouldn’t second guess when deciding to jump on the gel memory foam bandwagon. Besides being a nice 12 inches it is also very dense, but perfectly so in that buyers will still get that feeling of laying on a cloud once they sink in.

It is made from a variety of materials, all using the popular LUCID method with some in house secrets mixed in. One of those is the Lucid-gel formula which is their proprietary mix with memory foam that gives a unique one of a kind feeling that can only be experienced with a LUCID product. Some included features like the cover add to an already excellent product, and enhance the purchase to levels of incredible in the eyes of some buyers.

Airflow is improved not only with the gel solution but also with the layers of memory foam itself, offering a restorative and relaxing session of sleep that only the bigger brands can mimic with their higher priced offerings.

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LUCID 12 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Overview

Brand Notoriety

LUCID is a big name in the industry, especially to the bigger name brand competitors that they compete with like Tempurpedic and Serta. LUCID offers a variety of mattresses and doesn’t conform to the one size fits all mentality, and instead focuses on providing as many options as possible for all sleepers.

This leads to a diverse product list on their website, showcasing some of the natural materials they use as well as the in-house created materials that they have become quite popular for.  Their search engine is well researched and can find the correct mattress for a buyer based on price, comfort and body type.

Their other products include mattress toppers, protectors, bed frames and folding mattresses. Contact is available by either an online form or by the phone number listed on the website. Their main source of inventory can also be found on Amazon, as well as other select sites. They are a legit and high ranking online retailer that honors their warranties and products, and even goes so far as to provide helpful information on their website about sleep information.

Besides the hundreds of great reviews, they are one of the few companies that receives hardly any negative reviews about their product or customer service.

Quality of Memory Foam

Sizes available are twin, twin xl, full, queen, king and California king. They are very diverse in their size offerings, and the materials of the included cover read like 94% polyester, 5% spandex, .9% cotton, and .1% silver fiber. About 2 of the 12 inches of gel memory foam is dedicated to the top, and is 4 pounds in density. Sandwiched between is 2 inches of 3 pound memory foam and the base is an 8 inch high density foam.

They use an exclusive and high quality Lucid-gel formula to make their gel memory foam feel and work much different than any other on the market, as it not only adjusts to body temperature quicker but also cools the sleep better. Impressions left on the mattress pop up quicker than normal meaning the mattress has longer durability than a lot in the same class.

And because it is CertiPUR certified it is naturally resilient to allergens and dust mites. Weight of the bed is only 83 pounds and the queen size is 59x12x79, so pretty much the standard size for the industry.

Best Features

Starting with the 25 year warranty, which is about enough to put to rest the fears that many may have from buying if it breaks down. The company is easy to reach and the customer support is one of the most helpful in the industry when it comes to resolving issues. Including such a great cover was also a surprise, and while it doesn’t seem like much it really makes a difference with the enjoyment of the materials as a whole.

A bad cover has been known to make even the best memory foam bed seem mediocre, which is why they went out of their way to include a compatible one. With the Lucid-gel formula in full effect buyers will quickly see what everyone is talking about as one of the industry’s greatest trade secret. It’s one of the best feeling gel memory foams, if not the best that you can purchase for the money.

There are solutions that are twice the price that don’t feel as comfortable so that is really saying something. At the bottom the base does a very above average job of keeping everything in check, and it would be great if more companies put this much effort into designing a similar base as this LUCID product.

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Best Comparison

It may be a stretch for some, but the one that comes to mind with this mattress is the $5,000 grand TEMPUR-Cloud Luxe Breeze. They both do a great job of keeping the sleeping consumer cool at night, and the feel is just about the same.

About the only area where the Luxe Breeze wins is with a slightly better support layer as well as cover. Considering that the LUCID is nowhere near that price, it is a steal currently and should not be overlooked.

Personal Opinion

The Cloud Luxe Breeze is one of the best memory foam beds ever created, so to have the LUCID offering come at a fraction of the price is an amazing feat.

This is a gel memory foam option that customers shouldn’t pass on, and one that will only continue to get popular as the company raises its profile. What puts it over the top is the Lucid-gel formula which can’t be found anywhere else, and has a unique feel to it that makes you just want to fall asleep on it and let you go for sweet dreams. This is one of those beds that when you sit on it for a second you end up sleeping for 8 hours straight.

Price Changes Since Release

There have been notable sales, and in some cases the stock ran low as the mattress became more popular. Around the holidays there could be more sales, but since the demand is now so high for this model it will likely stay idle at its current price for a couple of months before dropping back down again for a special.

It’s better to get it while the price is current, since it is already a door buster sale at the current high price.

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LUCID 12 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress  can really be an incredible experience for all buyers, and even more so when they are from a great company like LUCID. With a feel that not even bigger brands can replicate, this mattress can’t possibly be recommended high enough.

There are no cons to speak of, and the warranty is just right, even though most customers will never have to use it. This hypoallergenic gel memory foam is a solid buy, and will work well in all rooms to keep yourself and guests happy throughout the night while they get the best sleep of their life.