LUCID 14 Inch Plush Memory Foam Mattress Review

This high priced memory foam mattress from the ecofriendly LUCID gets it popularity from being charcoal infused. Rather than being an additional add on, they concentrate on this from the beginning when creating the mattress.

Buyers will get 4 layers of incredible comfort that is hard to beat at the current price, especially on a premium product that is competing with big brands. The resulting foam is also great for sensitive skin users that have found regular or gel memory foam to be a bit too much for their liking.

So for users that don’t want latex memory foam but can’t handle regular or gel memory foam, this offers a nice alternative so they don’t lose any of the benefits. The compromise is a good one, and the company although young is very reputable with its positive feedback from hundreds of customers.

The packaging is convenient and easy to sort through for new memory foam mattress owners and for people that have already owned a couple. This long lasting durable foam is a great buy for anyone that wants an alternative to the many gel and hybrid memory foam options popping up on the market.

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LUCID 14 Inch Plush Memory Foam Mattress Overview

Brand Notoriety

A young but promising company, LUCID cleverly hides the fact that it is both young and online only through a well-designed website. There is a contact form for email and a phone number for contact, but no live support to speak of. At the core, they are an online only retailer with limited presence but great word of mouth due to impeccable product. Their warranties are on par with the big retailers, but of course lack a lot of substance due to their limited time and clout in the market.

Their selections are varied and large, and they offer the one of the best mix of memory foam types on the market. They specializes in bamboo charcoal, Lucid Gel, Latex foam and their own brand of memory foam. It’s a very good company that if people knew were still young would probably second guess them, hence why they hide that fact so well. Presence is mostly on Amazon and other online retailers specializing in mattresses. They are a good brand to buy from, and there is no reason to think they won’t be around to honor the 25 year warranty they offer to all of their customers.

Quality of Memory Foam

Very high, especially since this is a bamboo charcoal infused memory foam that is a nice thick 14 inches. The available sizes that it can be purchased in are twin, twin xl, full, full xl, queen, king, and California king. So plenty of sizes to go around with wonderful variation, and the queen weight is 99 pounds while the dimensions are 80x60x14.

It’s a nice hefty mattress that will give one person handling it a little trouble, so chances are it would be better handled with 2 people. You’ll get 4 layers of great memory foam, with the top layer being bamboo charcoal infused about 1 inch, and the middle layer being 3 inches of comfort foam and 2 inches of support memory foam.

The last thick bottom layer is 8 inches of a high density foam base that provides the perfect amount of support for the entire memory foam mattress. The top mattress is covered by a removable rayon created by Bamboo Cover, and fits perfectly with the theme of the entire mattress. Everything works together to create one of the best memory foam experiences available for the price, and one that consumers won’t regret purchasing.

Best Features

Having a memory foam available in so many sizes is always a good option, especially since buyers have different places they may be buying the mattress for. Multiple sizes also mean that the stock is strong and there is no worry about depleting stock if you plan on waiting to purchase for later after comparison shopping. The 25 year warranty is great, but it should also be taken with a grain of salt as this is a newer company. But that also means they stand by the quality of their product and will be there for you if something does go wrong. Along with that 20 year warranty buyers get a 30 day money back guarantee, with the shipping being charged to the company.

It’s the perfect setup for someone that may not be sure if the mattress is for them, especially one this high priced. Bamboo charcoal is odor resistant, hypoallergenic and great for sensitive skin. Users who have found problems with other types of memory foam should feel safer using this product as it was made from the ground up for people that want the best memory foam experience possible without sacrificing their health.

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Best Comparison

There really is no comparison for this mattress on the market just yet. A 14 inch bamboo charcoal infused memory foam? It’s safe to say that it is one of a kind, and the only other way to really compare it is within their own inventory using different sizes. Users should definitely trial it as there is a different feeling and firmness to the mattress than other brands, but more than likely this will fit right into your needs for the current situation.

Four layers of quality memory foam are hard to beat, especially from a young up and coming company that is willing to innovate.

Personal Opinion

This is innovation at its finest. The amount of work that went into making this the mattress is astounding, and is a nice refreshing change from what’s available in the industry. With so many options available from the same company, it wouldn’t be surprising to see customers use them as their main mattress store and replace all of the mattresses in their home.

A long warranty and trial period is hard to turn away from, and since they pay for shipping if the product isn’t for you then it all works out to everyone’s benefit.

Price Changes

Because of the specialized versions of these types of models, the price is going to continually be high with the rare sale here and there. Typically when one of these beds goes on sale it is smart to snatch them up ASAP before someone else does, as they go fast at a low price. Stock is continually rotated so there will never be a case where you will wait long for a certain model to come in. So if buyers see this mattress on sale anywhere make sure to buy them while they are still low on price.

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Word of mouth is a strong marketing tool, and LUCID lives off of it quite well. With so many satisfied customers it’s hard to believe that they haven’t been in the business a lot longer than the other companies. Their innovative memory foam mattress are a good alternative to the other CentiPUR certified options on the market and is good for your skin, health and your family. Take advantage of the trial period while it last and reap the full benefits of a bamboo charcoal memory foam. Chances are you will be more than satisfied with your decision to go LUCID.