Memory Foam Mattress Guide To the Perfect Size

Memory Foam Mattress Guide To the Perfect Size

Memory Foam Mattress Guide To the Perfect SizeThere are a lot of things to consider with size like the room size, where the bed will be placed, where it will be facing, will be it big enough for the person that is in it etc. but the one that remains true is that it can be a very tricky process if treated too lightly. More beds go back for the size not being appropriate than for actual technical issues. The beds going back for size issues takes up plenty of company resources, and can be the bane of any great company. It is a disheartening fact that many mattress makers have to deal with, and even more than normal in the memory foam industry.

Since memory foam allows a person to sleep how they want more comfortably, sleeping habits change which in turn may affect needs. This could be as simple as falling in love with the foam so much that the consumer realizes they would like to have a bigger bed made out of it, to as little as downsizing in a room where extra furniture will be the main centerpiece. It’s a tug and pull action from the consumer and the company, with a couple of bad reviews being uploaded based on unsatisfied customers that have sent back their mattresses several times for size issues. It’s a frustrating ordeal that can be a real bad experience for all parties involved, so why not get it right the first time? Sending a mattress back for the wrong size won’t endear a customer to the company, so here is a guide that list some interesting details on memory foam mattresses and their standard sizes.


Memory Foam Mattress Guide To the Perfect SizeThe twin is typically 38×74 and works well in a kid’s room or as a guest bed, although for a guest bedroom a full would be preferred due to the twin working better for lower heights. Because of this many consider the twin a kid’s bed, something that may strike a familiar chord with some. Many bunkbeds use this size mattress on both bunks, and it is one of the most popular sizes in bedding culture. Also available is the Twin xl which is 38×80 which is a bigger version of the twin, and would work better for guest bedrooms than a regular twin. Twin xl is not offered by every maker and users may have trouble finding available bedding in this size. For a good idea of how well it fits a grown adult male, take a look at most college dorms as this is around the official size.


At 54×75 the full is definitely better for the growing teen than the twin, and works interchangeably well with both adults and teens as a bed size. In rooms where space may be an issue it’s the perfect bed to have that gives a good amount of room to all size people without compromising space. Now the frustrating part about a full is that it is big enough for a single adult, but is not quit big enough for 2 adults. It’s just shy of being comfortable for two adults to sleep in it at the same time. If queen is too big then try full xl at 54×80, which can comfortably fit two adults or give one adult a great amount of space to relax in bed with. It’s not an often used size, and can be a chore to find if you’re specifically looking for full xl.


Memory Foam Mattress Guide To the Perfect SizeOh, the mighty Queen. This is even more popular than the King size bed, and when comparing the normal size of apartments and starter homes with what size bed is in the master, the Queen wins by an overwhelming majority. At 60×80, this is a great bed for two people to sleep or relax on, and gives just enough space to wiggle around a bit without running into each other. This is the most versatile size, as many accessories and other options becomes available when the Queen is the size being used. It’s the ideal size for average sized master bedrooms that don’t need a bed taking up all of the precious space available.


And then of course there is the King, 76×80 and made for those that have the space and can’t wait to use it. This is also one of the most abused memory foam mattress size, with many rooms in the world having 80% of their space taken up by the King, with the ability to shuffle from side to side if you need to move around the room. If a buyer’s bedroom can support it, the King is a great choice and really brings out the furniture if the bed is sporting an impeccable design. Some buyers first introduction to the King size was a luxury hotel, which of course led to a later purchase for the home.

Special Mentions

Memory Foam Mattress Guide To the Perfect SizeThe California King 72×80, Twin xxl 38×84, Full xxl 54×84, Split Queen 30×80, Split King 38×80, and Split California King 36×84. These are all nonstandard sizes that usually aren’t listed as an option. However if buying and one of the options is listed, and it is what you want then by all means purchase it while supplies last. Special sizes like these don’t last long, and many are custom jobs not even available on the manufacturer’s website.

Why Does Size Matter?

Let’s say that a custom bedframe is off by about 2 inches in one direction. Does it make a big difference or not? The answer is it makes a huge difference, and renders both the frame and the mattress unusable together. Some manufacturer’s bed sizes may be a bit off by an inch or two, so always check with the maker of the bed being purchased to see if it matches up with current house needs. This may seem a bit tedious, but if you unpack and unroll the bed only to find out that it isn’t going to work, then all bets are off. In a worse scenario imagine climbing in the bed and finding out that your feet are hanging off because you’re too tall. It’s a comical oversight that shouldn’t happen to even the most naïve of consumers when looking for memory foam sizes.


Falling into the trap of one size fits all can be a dangerous game to play with a company, especially since in many cases buyers are sending the mattress back on the company’s dime. It can be one of the more frustrating experiences trying to figure out the ideal size for a memory foam mattress that matches your needs, but it is really as simple as checking out the space available and making an educated decision. And in the event that something does go wrong, then the mattress goes back for the correct one. It’s not a pretty sight, but the alternative is keeping something that you don’t want. Bigger beds will always have that look of dominance in a room, but if the bed itself physically dominates the room then that is another story. Don’t abuse the size system and order what is sensible for the current room, rather than picking a size that you’ll regret later.