Perfect Cloud Atlas Gel-Plus 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress Review

This is a twin mattress that is more than capable of meeting the various needs of the person sleeping on it, especially at such a low price point. The biggest draw to the mattress is that it has gel infused memory foam, offering a cooler, more comfortable version of the older memory foam that has a tendency to retain heat.

It is also listed as a bestselling exclusive mattress from Amazon, and has many hundreds of positive reviews. Everyone knows how great Amazon is with customer service, so that is another draw for purchasing from them as well.

There are 3 high quality layers to this gel memory foam mattress and they all are of superior quality, which is strange when you factor in how low it is. The mattress also has one of the best 4 inch bottom bases in the market, a 4 inch double air flow support foam that really compliments the entire package.

It’s also hard to argue with the 25 year warranty they throw in, which rock solid and trouble free. As a CentiPUR certified mattress, this is a complete surprise from the giant Amazon in terms of looks, quality, and pricing.

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Perfect Cloud Atlas Gel-Plus 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress Overview

Brand Notoriety

Even though the company is Perfect Cloud, the mattress is an Amazon exclusive meaning that it is only being sold on and the Perfect Cloud website. Therefore it can be considered an Amazon product and has to follow the same guidelines and rules. is one of the biggest online retailers in the world, if not the biggest. As far as rivals, eBay comes close, but is a different beast.

In fact the success of Amazon’s online marketplace is what caused several big name brand brick and mortar retailers like Wal-Mart and Best Buy to start their own online marketplace with a similar format. None of them have reach the polish or level of satisfaction that Amazon has, and probably never will. The headquarters is in Seattle, WA and the founder is Jeff Bezos who employs more than 183,000 employees. Amazon was created in 1994 and has been modernized the same way that Harry Selfridge modernized selling in Britain.

Buying this mattress is as good as buying a mattress twice the price, and is easy to compare. As the exclusive list is reserved for up and coming companies and technologies, making this purchase means that the end user will get a modern bedroom product that will last them for years.

Quality of Memory Foam

This is as high quality as you can get without paying a premium price, and since it is gel infused memory foam buyers will get the benefits of a memory foam solution that doesn’t heat up as much as the original while you’re sleeping on it.

There is 10 inches of gel memory foam, with a 3 inch layer of 4 pound density gel memory foam, a middle layer of 3 inch bi-directional double air flow comfort foam and a bottom base layer of 4 inches of double air flow memory foam. Sizes available are twin, twin xl, full, short queen, queen, king and California king. The twin weight is a light 46.3 pounds with dimensions of 75x39x10.

Included is a removable stretch knit cover with mocha ultra-suede siding that can fit the design of just about any bedframe. It’s a really nice cover, and is very easy to remove, wash, and reapply. So there is a lot to love with the materials that buyers get for such a small price, and speaks volumes to how Amazon does business.

Best Features

Because of the multiple layers and gel solution this is the perfect memory foam bed for people that live in hotter climates and may have troubles adapting fully to the memory foam lifestyle.  The double air flow is not a gimmick, and actually works really well with keeping the mattress breathing, even while in use.

Because it uses 3 layers of high quality foam it also exhibits that just right feel, so it isn’t too firm, and it isn’t too soft. The one of a kind stretch knit cover also helps with the selling of this bed, as well as the 25 year warranty with a 100% guarantee. Since Perfect Cloud is operating under Amazon guidelines, they also adhere to the return policies and policing that Amazon has become so famous for. The guarantee is set is stone and is back tremendously by both companies.

The combination of the multiple foams and gel make the bedroom more cozy and seem like you’re sleeping on a cloud, which in essence isn’t as far from the truth as many may think. Other than the foam materials and high class cover there aren’t too many other extra features, as Perfect Cloud opted to keep things simple after that.

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Best Comparison

Believe it or not, the best comparison to this low priced mattress is the high priced TEMPUR-Cloud Supreme Breeze which retails for almost 3 grand. That’s a pretty hefty compliment, and although it is not as luxurious as the TEMPUR it is just as comfortable and provides the same great cool effect that the gel does in the Perfect Cloud.

It can be argued that the Perfect Cloud cover is also better than the premium fabric cover that comes with the Supreme Breeze. If looking at a Tempur-pedic branded bed then you may want to take a look at what Perfect Cloud has to offer at a fraction of the price.

Personal Opinion

Often when a new company like this comes out of nowhere and has so many great reviews it can be scary, which is probably why they partnered up with Amazon for the instant credibility. It worked, and not only does it look like a top named brand product, but it operates just like one.

The feel is incredible, and although it may not be Tempur-pedic quality, paying a fraction of the cost to feel that good is still incredible beyond words. This is as low as you can pay for a mattress that should easily be over a grand yet found its way to be a 3rd of that. Coziness is essential after having an exhausted day. The fine bedroom is the only way to sleep well, and wake up freshly.

Price Changes Since Release

It’s currently on sale, so make sure to pick one up as soon as you get the chance. No word on when the sale is expected to last but it has been offered for as much as 62% off the original listed price.

Even without that extreme cut it seems to hover at around the low price to mid-price points throughout the year. Stock is strong so it is nowhere near being phased out, and will be available around Christmas time even.

Check the Latest Price on Amazon!


Not a lot of small companies can make memory foam mattresses that can be compared to the top of the line offerings from the big name brands. It brings solace to many that don’t believe that there is no genetic memory foam, so buying at a lower price doesn’t necessarily mean a degradation in quality. Perfect Cloud partnering with industry giant Amazon is a great partnership, and will benefit both moving forward.

The Perfect Cloud Atlas Gel-Plus 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress will be a great asset to any perfect bedroom in your house, and at an unbeatable price.