What Does Make Foam Have Memory

What Does Make Foam Have Memory?

The science of memory foam is a wide history that is very simple to understand once you get down the basics. When trying out a memory foam product how fast it contours to your body is just as important as how fast it goes back to its original shape. This memory portion of memory foam is meant to last for years on end, and doesn’t suffer from the plague known as bed sagging that spring mattresses suffer from. In fact the denser the memory foam is, the more durable it is from long term effects. This doesn’t necessarily mean that buyers should go out and only target dense memory foam, since traditionally memory foam of the lowest density still has a longer shelf life than a regular spring coil mattress. What challenges the memory in memory foam is how much weight is applied over the course of how many years, and whether it is on a solid base or not. A memory foam mattress that endures 500+ pounds for 10 years on a solid foundation will be a lot better off than the same mattress on an uneven one.

What Does Make Foam Have MemoryMemory foam has the ability to change its shape to suit anyone, and that is done so based on their body temperature. By changing the shape of the mattress automatically by body temperature and weight, there isn’t a body type on earth that a memory foam product can’t contour to and match. There is also automated trademarks of the foam that lets it change its shape based on sore or troublesome spots on your body. The science of this is that your body warms up more in areas where there is pain and soreness, so it is elementary for a memory foam mattress to find these spots and give necessary support. So basically it isn’t so much that the memory foam has memory, but that it is an adaptable product with unlimited uses when matching the host that is sleeping in it. To get a better understanding of how the process works and what is included, there is a short guide below. There is some good insight into the science behind memory foam and how it affects you as the user. With this consumers will get a better understanding of why memory foam is here to stay and why it will eventually replace older mattresses completely in the next few years.


What Does Make Foam Have MemoryDepending on the type of manufacturer you go with, materials will vary. The root materials are pretty much the same across the board with polyurethane foam, which includes a mix of polyol and dissocyanate water. Since newer foam uses an open cell structure for breathability, much like bread in its creation it will rise with the difference that when it is pushed down on it can retain its original shape in seconds. Every maker has their own proprietary blend from that point on, and it can include everything from gel, bamboo, latex, charcoal and even tea ingredients. But none of those ingredients matter much when it comes to the root of memory foam materials and how it gets its memory. So unless a maker has really messed up with the original root processing, buyers will get the same type of ‘memory’ in their foam that will vary based on density.

So there is no way to add more ‘memory’ to a foam since the original root ingredients are used by everyone. The way in which they create it will make a difference, and only in the worst case will their changes do more harm than good. Making memory foam with memory is such a simple process it can be akin to pouring milk in cereal. If it isn’t broke, then don’t try to fix it. There have been some companies that have tinkered with the root formula in the wrong ways, and in the end have never really been able to improve on it at all. The key to making memory foam better is to leave the roots alone, and rather add extra features like in the case of green memory foam where they make it environmentally friendly.

The Viscosity of Memory Foam

What Does Make Foam Have MemoryThe structure of memory foam can be described as viscoelastic, meaning that when force is applied to it then the foam will move, and the elastic portion refers to how it goes back to its original shape when that force is removed. Since memory foam can sense temperature changes, or rather heat, it is sensitive to your body in ways that no other bed is. The mattress will use a combination of body weight, shape and body heat to make a comfortable ‘pocket’ for you to sleep in. Giving way to how dense the mattress is, this pocket can be as large or as little based on that alone. Spine support is not an issue whether you’re sleeping on your side, stomach or even back as the memory foam will fit the needs directly based on the formula above. Since the weight is spread evenly, users always wake up refreshed rather than feeling like their muscles have been strained all night. The key to the mattress molding correctly is heat, which is why the 1st generation of memory foam suffered from heat problems with sleepers as it surrounded them in their body heat.

What Does Make Foam Have MemoryScientists had to discover how to get viscous materials in memory foam to react to heat and break down accordingly but without heating up the source. That’s when open cell technology came about, and eventually gel foam. As a hybrid, gel foam has all of the benefits of the original memory foam but also can break down and solidify similarly to the original. If gel beads are used, those millions of gel beads temporarily turn to liquid when it gets enough heat which allows the gel memory foam to change its shape quickly. When the heat is removed, those same millions of gel beads solidify and the mattress goes back to the original condition it was in before. This is the same way that memory foam works, like any other viscous liquid, and once again proves that the original needs no tweaking.


Hopefully that little science lesson didn’t put too many buyers to sleep, but it’s great to recognize just how wonderful a technology memory foam is. The product is so perfect that the next breakthrough in memory foam may be decades away, all while manufacturers add in their own special little touches to each product. With how long memory foam manages to keep its shape there is little worry in the public eye about bad product that loses memory in a couple of years. It’s one of the safest bet in bedroom products that users can sink their money into and be satisfied with the results. It’s a long lasting, well warrantied product that pays for itself the moment it is unrolled and laid out. To get the most out of memory foam and all of its products, take the time to read over some more informative topics like this and it’ll make the buying decision much easier. Time is not of the essence when it comes to memory foam, but the correct decision when purchasing one is.